When did areana Lopez leave Dance Moms?

Areana Evani Lopez (born May 21, 2005) is a dancer from K2 Studios in Apple Valley, California. Her mother is Sari Lopez. Areana made her debut on Dance Moms as part of the ALDC mini team in the sixth season. She remained on the show until the following season, where the mini team was disbanded and she was dismissed.

Why did areana Lopez leave Dance Moms?

Dance Moms meant I got to work with outstanding choreographers and my name as a person and dancer got well known as well. However, I quit the show because with Dance Moms comes drama, unfortunately. You were part of the Mini Team, can you say more about your time in this group? I was the eldest member of the Mini Team.

What year did elliana Walmsley leave Dance Moms?

2016–2017: Career beginnings. In 2016, she joined the US reality TV show Dance Moms, alongside her mother, during Season 6 as part of the ALDC mini team. After the mini team disbanded, Walmsley joined the elite team and became a permanent member of the cast during Season 7 in 2017, before leaving at the end of the year

Is Ellie in season 8 of Dance Moms?

In the season 8 premiere, Elliana was introduced as a member of Abby’s new team. We saw Elliana, Liliana, and Maesi (another dancer from season seven) leading the auditions for the new hopeful members of the team, each wearing a shirt that said “Abby’s Army.”


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