When did outdoor grilling become popular?

Grilling rejoins history and makes itself known after World War II. That is when the middle class began moving to the suburbs. With the suburbs came backyards and with backyards came grilling and cookouts. By the 1950’s backyard cookouts and outdoor grilling became the “in” thing to do.

When did barbecue grills come out?

The original and often-copied Weber kettle grill was invented in 1951 by George Stephen.

Why is grilling so popular?

– The top three reasons for cooking outdoors, in order are: to improve flavor; for personal enjoyment; for entertaining family and friends. Now for the really interesting stuff: Gas grills are easily the most popular style, the choice of 62% of households that own a grill.

When did charcoal grills become popular?

There isn’t much about the barbecue grill until the late 1940s, when more people were choosing to live in the suburbs after the war. During this time, many backyards became filled with grills. However, these mass-produced appliances were commonly known for burning the meat and creating a large amount of ash.

Who brought BBQ to America?

“Around the turn of the 18th century, Spanish and British colonists were cooking meat barbecue-style along the coast,” Moss says. “Some of the earliest mentions of barbecue came from New England.” From there, it spread to Virginia, where it evolved to become one of the primary forms of social entertainment.


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