When to Apply Barbecue Sauce to Ribs?

You will want to add barbecue sauce to your ribs during the final 20-30 minutes of cooking. While brushing on sauce just remember, don’t drown your ribs. If you are like me and love more sauce, there is no reason you can’t serve even more on the side.

When should I start spraying my ribs?

Start spritzing after the first 90 minutes. After those first 90 minutes, I’ll then spritz every 30 minutes for the next 90 minutes. Moisture helps that smoke influence stick to the meat. And with the sugar, this helps with the caramelization.

What to spray on ribs to keep moist?

Tuffy Stone keeps a spritz bottle of apple juice near the smoker for flavor and moisture. Lee Ann Whippen uses apple or white grape juice as a spritz which, along with a dry rub, gives the ribs moistness, caramelization, and a rich mahogany color.

How do I keep my ribs from drying out?

– Maintain moisture while the ribs cook. Either wrap in foil, cover with foil, immerse in liquid or baste frequently to prevent ribs from drying out. – Uncover meat when ribs are fork tender. Remove from liquid, baste with a sauce, if desired, and transfer ribs to a baking pan or grill to finish cooking.

How do you spritz without a spray bottle?

  1. Hold The Bottle Cap Over The Lit Candle Or Lighter.
  2. Press The Skewer Into The Bottom Center Of The Cap.
  3. Allow The Plastic To Solidify.
  4. Dip The Cap In Water & Remove the Skewer.
  5. Cut Off The Tip Of The Cap’s Pointed Tip.

What should I spritz my beef ribs with?

Place the rack meat side up in the smoker. Combine the water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Once the rack has had at least 2 hours of smoke, spritz with the vinegar mixture every hour or so.

Should I spray meat while smoking?

It is important to spritz the meat every half hour to 45 minutes to prevent it from drying out. It also adds a coating that allows the smoke to travel over the meat and stick to it.

What do you spray on pork when smoking?

Use a spray bottle filled with apple cider vinegar to spritz the pork and then replace the lid. Spritzing helps to keep the surface of the pork butt cool and prevents it from burning while also assisting with smoke ring formation. From this point on spritz the pork every 15-30 minutes for the next hour.

Do you need to spritz beef ribs?

Why a spritz? It adds a little more flavor to the beef as it cooks and the moisture helps as the smoke looks to adhere to the meat during the cooking process. We wait to spritz until we see a nice bark form, generally around the 2 hour mark from the start of smoking.

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