When was Blackpool Opera House built?

The Opera House which is situated in the Winter Gardens Complex, Blackpool, today, was built in 1939, but is a replacement for an earlier Theatre constructed on the same site and first opened as Her Majesty’s Opera House on Monday the 10th of June 1889 with a production of the D’Oyly Carte company performing ‘The .

How old is the Blackpool Grand theatre?


Who built the Grand theatre Blackpool?

It was built by the leading Victorian theatre architect Frank Matcham, for Blackpool’s first successful theatrical manager Thomas Sergenson. He always described it as ‘Matcham’s Masterpiece’. Did you know? The Grand Theatre opened just two months after the Tower.

When was the grand theatre built?

The Grand Theatre first opened its doors in 1894 and was designed by prestigious theatre architect Charles J. Phipps and Wolverhampton native builder Henry Gough. The £10,000 construction began June 28th 1894 when Mayoress C.T. Mander unveiled foundation stone.

How long did Grand Theatre take to build?

Sadly, only some two dozen of Frank Matcham’s theatres survive till this day, with The Grand being ‘Matcham’s Masterpiece’. 3. Work on The Grand Theatre began in September 1893. And it took just nine months to build, costing £20,000.

Who owns the Grand theatre Blackpool?

The Grand Theatre sits alongside other significant cultural heritage assets which help to create the unique Blackpool experience. Frank Matcham’s four-tier intimate auditorium with 1,053 seats helps companies create a range of atmospheres for audiences. The Grand is owned by the Blackpool Grand Theatre Trust Limited.

Who designed and built the iconic Blackpool Grand theatre?

The theatre was designed by renowned architect Frank Matcham (1854-1920). Here you can discover more about its architecture. Matcham designed or significantly reconstructed over 160 theatres within the British Isles and is Great Britain’s most prolific theatre architect of all time.

When was Blackpool Winter Gardens built?

The Winter Gardens was built on the six-acre Bank Hey Estate and officially opened on 11 July 1878. The original intention was “to place on the land a concert room, promenades, conservatories and other accessories calculated to convert the estate into a pleasant lounge, especially desirous during inclement days.”

Is the Winter Gardens the same as the Opera House?

The Opera House Theatre is a theatre in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. It is located within the Winter Gardens, a large entertainment complex in the town centre and originally opened in 1889, although it has been rebuilt twice, in 1910 and 1939.

Why is it called a winter garden?

A winter garden is a kind of garden maintained in wintertime.

Who built the Winter Gardens Blackpool?

11th July 1878

The Winter Gardens boasts an exotic, glass roofed Floral Hall for promenading, Indoor and outdoor skating rinks and the Pavilion Hall for special events. Contractors Thomas Mitchell were tasked with the construction which at that point had been one of the largest projects that Blackpool had seen.

How many Theatres are there in Blackpool?

DayOpening Hours

Where is the dance floor in Blackpool Tower?

The Tower Ballroom is technically on Level 2. The main entrance to the Tower Circus is on Level 1. The top of the Tower has always been a 360° viewing platform and is now called the Tower Eye. over a year ago.

What are the Winter Gardens in Blackpool?

The Winter Gardens complex provides event organisers with 4.9 acres of connected space that can accommodate anywhere from 100 up to 7,000 delegates.

Where was the Winter Gardens Bournemouth?

Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5BH

The Winter Gardens Theatre replaced a Victorian era Winter Gardens, which was a replica of the Crystal Palace in London and had 600 seats. That building had some cinema use in the early-1900’s.

What is the capacity of the Winter Gardens Blackpool?


When was the grand theatre in Blackpool built?

Opened in 1894 and hailed as ‘Matcham’s masterpiece’ it had been built in just nine months at a cost of £20,000. The theatre opened with a production of Hamlet with Wilson Barrett in the starring role.

How old is Winter Gardens Blackpool?


How old is the Winter Garden Theatre?


What’s on at the Winter Gardens Blackpool 2022?

  • Mrs Browns Boys: 6-8 June 2022. .
  • Miss Dance and Dance Master of Great Britain – 12 June. .
  • Blackpool International Soul Festival 5: 17-19 June 2022. .
  • Awakening Expo – 24-26 June. .
  • Rumours of Fleetwood Mac – 26 June 7.30pm. .
  • Chicago – 28 June – 2 July 7.30pm + matinees.

Is the Winter Gardens open in Blackpool?

DayOpening Hours

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