When was Fingersmith written?

Fingersmith is a three part BBC mini-series that was televised in 2005. The story is an adaptation of Sarah Waters’ 2002 novel of the same name and follows the meeting of two very different young women and what madness ensues.

What year is fingersmith set?

London 1862. Sue Trinder, orphaned at birth, grows up among petty thieves – fingersmiths – under the rough but loving care of Mrs Sucksby and her ‘family’. But from the moment she draws breath, Sue’s fate is linked to that of another orphan growing up in a gloomy mansion not too many miles away.

What is the movie fingersmith about?

Based on Sarah Waters’ titillating 2002 novel of the same name, FINGERSMITH follows the lives of two women — streetwise pickpocket Sue Trinder (Sally Hawkins) and sheltered heiress Maud Lilly (Elaine Cassidy) — whose destinies become intertwined when the handsome Gentleman aka Richard Rivers (Rupert Evans) involves

What is a fingersmith in Victorian England?

Fingersmith (slang), slang for a midwife or pickpocket.

What is poke Victorian times?

poke bonnet, hood-shaped hat tied under the chin, with a small crown at the back and a wide projecting front brim that shaded the face. It became fashionable at the beginning of the 19th century and was worn by women and children of all ages.

How many books has Sarah Waters written?


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