When was The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler written?

The Big Sleep, classic hardboiled crime novel by Raymond Chandler, published in 1939.

What year was The Big Sleep Made?

August 23, 1946 (USA)

Why was it called The Big Sleep?

In The Big Sleep – the title refers to the gangster euphemism for death – Marlowe is summoned to the home of old General Sternwood whose wild daughter, Carmen, is being blackmailed by a seedy bookseller.

How many versions of The Big Sleep are there?

Two versions of the film exist, the 1945 one shown to the troops and the 1946 re-edited one with different scenes. The latter was done at the behest of Bacall’s agent who was in something of a panic over her negative reviews for Confidential Agent.

Is The Big Sleep confusing?

Film noir The Big Sleep was released 75 years ago. While its plot has been criticised as ‘cryptic’ and ‘confusing’, that can also be a virtue, writes Nicholas Barber, arguing that we should embrace ambiguity. The Big Sleep was released 75 years ago, and its plot has been puzzling viewers ever since.

Where was The Big Sleep 1978 filmed?

Ramsgate, Kent, England, UK (The Royal Harbour in Ramsgate was the setting for the scenes where General Sternwood’s chauffeur drives his car into the sea.)

Why is The Big Sleep a classic?

More than simply a mystery novel, The Big Sleep has become a classic of American literature, with Chandler praised for his deft handling of plot, as well as his terse style and acerbic wit. Avon Books brought out the novel in paperback in 1943.

Is The Big Sleep based on a book?

The iconic first novel from crime fiction master Raymond Chandler, featuring Philip Marlowe, the “quintessential urban private eye” (Los Angeles Times).

Who killed Geiger?

Marlowe discovers Geiger’s store, and tails him back to his house. There, Geiger entertains Carmen before being shot and killed by a fleeing aggressor. Marlowe later discovers that the Sternwoods’ driver Owen Taylor is the murderer, having killed Geiger out of jealousy over Carmen.

Is The Big Sleep on Netflix?

Rent The Big Sleep (1946) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

What is the story of The Big Sleep?

Private investigator Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) is hired by General Sternwood to help resolve the gambling debts of his wild young daughter, Carmen (Martha Vickers). Sternwood’s older daughter, Vivian (Lauren Bacall), provides assistance when she implies that the situation is more complex, and also involves casino owner (John Ridgely) and a recently disappeared family friend. As people linked to the Sternwoods start being murdered, Marlowe finds himself getting ever deeper into the case.

Who is the villain in the big sleep?

Arthur Gwynn Geiger – Geiger, who is homosexual (or perhaps bisexual), blackmails General Sternwood, and murdered in the act of attempting to further his blackmail by taking nude pictures of Carmen Sternwood.

How does the Big Sleep Book End?

Eddie Mars never receives just retribution. Marlowe and Vivian promise not to tell the General about Regan because it would break his heart. The novel ends with Marlowe’s thoughts about death—”the big sleep”—as an escape, and with his thoughts of Silver- wig.

What is the message of The Big Sleep?

Cynicism and Survival – In The Big Sleep, author Raymond Chandler represents life in the dark, criminal world of 1930s L.A. as total war. In doing so, he critiques a self-serving and mistrustful American society in which people turn to violence and dishonesty to achieve personal gain.


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