When was the first Dance Central made?

Dance Central
Publisher(s)MTV Games (2010) Xbox Game Studios (2011–2014) Oculus Studios (2019)
Platform(s)Xbox 360, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest
First releaseDance Central (2010) November 4, 2010
Latest releaseDance Central (2019) April 30, 2019

When did Dance Central VR come out?

Dance Central
Publisher:Oculus Studios
Distributor:Oculus Studios
Release date:April 30, 2019
Platforms:Oculus Rift/Rift S, Oculus Quest

Can Dance Central be played on Xbox One?

Available as a digital download from the Xbox Store for $9.99, Dance Central Spotlight, the newest game in the award-winning Dance Central series, brings authentic dance routines, chart-topping music and the characters you love exclusively to Xbox One.

How much is Dance Central on Oculus?

Dance Central VR is exclusive to Oculus Rift and Quest. The game is currently available on the Oculus Store for $29.99.

Does Oculus have a dance game?

Dance Central is a unique VR rhythm game because it puts you in the center of a dance club with many popular songs for you to dance to with others. You can play by yourself; however, there’s also an online mode so you can play with your friends to compete or simply have a fun time.

Will there ever be another Dance Central game?

We’re proud to announce the next evolution of Dance Central, coming exclusively to the Oculus Quest and Rift platform this Spring! The award-winning Dance Central franchise is coming this spring to Oculus Quest and the Rift platform.

What accessories do you need for Just Dance Xbox One?

Use your smartphone to track moves with the Just Dance Controller App – no additional accessories required!


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