Where are Markforged printers made?

Our manufacturing and operations teams are based in Billerica, Massachusetts, where we make all of the materials for our printers — from Onyx to continuous carbon fiber to metals.

Is Markforged a US company?

Markforged is an American public additive manufacturing company that designs, develops, and manufactures The Digital Forge — an industrial platform of 3D printers, software and materials that enables manufacturers to print parts at the point-of-need.

Is Markforged a good company?

Overall, the 16 Markforged employees give their leadership a grade of D, or Bottom 20% of similar size companies on Comparably. This includes specific ratings of their executive team, CEO, and manager.

What type of 3D printing is Markforged?

A Markforged composite printer automatically prints your part layer by layer. Composite Base material is printed through one nozzle, and Continuous Fiber is laid in-layer by a second nozzle and extrusion system.

Who is the CEO of Markforged?

Shai Terem has been President and CEO of Markforged and a member of its board of directors since October 2020. Mr. Terem previously served as President and COO of Markforged from December 2019 to October 2020.

How many people work at Markforged?

Founded in 2013 and based in Watertown, Mass., Markforged has more than 300 employees globally.

Is Markforged stock a buy?

Markforged has received a consensus rating of Moderate Buy. The company’s average rating score is 2.83, and is based on 5 buy ratings, 1 hold rating, and no sell ratings.

When did Markforged go public?

one completed its initial public offering in August 2020 raising $215 million in cash proceeds. A* was founded and is led by technology industry veteran Kevin Hartz.


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