Where did krump dancing come from?

HISTORY. Krumping is a street dance the evolved from Clown Dancing or C-Walking. It originates in Los Angelas, California in the South Central neighborhood. It is impossible to talk about Krumping and its history without mentioning Clowning.

Who started the krump dance?

Krumping was created by two dancers: Ceasare “Tight Eyez” Willis, and Jo’Artis “Big Mijo” Ratti in South Central, Los Angeles, during the early 2000s. Clowning is the less aggressive predecessor to krumping and was created in 1992 by Thomas “Tommy the Clown” Johnson in Compton, California.

What is Krump culture?

More than just a dance style, Krump is a culture in itself that consists of basic movements, music, terminology, a dress code, and many other aspects. The different forms of gatherings, such as battles, sessions, shows, and labbs (practice time), allow its practitioners to express themselves at different occasions.

What is Krump an acronym for?

It’s also sometimes treated as an acronym — K.R.U.M.P., “Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise.” Originating in Central Los Angeles, krump was built off the less aggressive dance form clowning, and was created by Ceasare “Tight Eyez” Willis and Jo’Artis “Big Mijo” Ratti.

What are the 4 basic movements in krump?

This video will teach you the basics of krumping, including stomps, arm swings, and buck ups. It also offers tips on achieving that nasty attitude you’re going for when you krump.

What music is used for krumping?

That’s why you’ve got to work amp, it’s amp music. We also have J- Squad. J- Squad music is also great too, he uses a lot of samples from movies, samples from TV shows, and he brings that alive also. So, the music you want to listen to per say should be Buck Mouth music from the DCs and J- Squad.

What is the difference between hip-hop and krumping?

Krumping is different stylistically from other hip-hop dance styles such as b-boying and turfing. Krumping is very aggressive and is danced upright to upbeat and fast-paced music, where as b-boying is more acrobatic and is danced on the floor to break beats.

Is Krump a hiphop?

Krump is a style of street dance affiliated with Hip Hop that began in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, and is known for it’s intense rawness and controlled power, giving it an aggressive and almost combative appearance.

Who made krumping popular?

Krump became popular in the 2000s after the popular video maker David LaChapelle first made the short documentary “Krumped” and showed it at Aspen Shortsfest in 2004.

What is the difference between krumping and clowning?

Clowning is physically smoother, adding in things like C-walking. Krumping is a physically harsher type of style, staccato-like according to some. Thomas Johnson, also known as Tommy the Clown has been attributed with the origination of clowning, hence the face painting and the name of the style.

Who is the father of krumping?

Thomas Johnson, aka Tommy the Clown, created krump to save at-risk teens from gangs and drugs. Thomas Johnson, known internationally by stage name Tommy the Clown, is equal parts hip-hop hype man and street preacher.


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