Where did Russia get tea from?

Tea was brought to Russia from Northern China, where it was called ‘cha-i’ or ‘cha-e’, that is why in Russia the drink got the name ‘chay’ (tea). Originally, though, in Russian records, tea was often called ‘the Chinese herb’ or ‘the Chinese dry herb’.

How did tea appear in Russia?

Tea arrived in Russia via caravans from Mongolia. For a long time it remained an aristocratic beverage, consumed in towns and cities. It enjoyed spectacular success in the 19th century and became widely consumed by all strata.

Does tea grow in Russia?

Sochi remains the only region in Russia where tea is grown commercially. At one time Sochi produced nearly 60,000 metric tons but today the harvest is a modest 300 MT, a decline over the past 20 years from 2,000 MT. Picturesque plantations that prospered at that time have become expensive resorts, roads or stadiums.

What do they eat with tea in Russia?

Gingerbread biscuits, waffles, cookies, chocolate candy, baranki (small crispy bagels) and homemade marmalades are typically served with tea. These sweets are what make Russian tea drinking so special.

What kind of tea do they have in Russia?

Varieties. Traditionally, black tea is the most common tea in Russia, but green tea is becoming more popular. Traditional tea in Russia includes the traditional type known as Russian Caravan as it was originally imported from China via camel caravan.

What’s a typical Russian breakfast?

Traditional Russian breakfast features their famous big & thin pancakes (Blini), cottage cheese pancakes (Syrniki), buckwheat porridge (Kasha), and more goodness!


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