Where did Sean and Kaycee place in World of Dance?

In 2018, on the NBC World of Dance show season 2 she performed with her new partner Sean Lew as Sean & Kaycee, getting second in Divisional Final and they became one of the most popular acts of the show with a lot of special clips and interviews by NBC. They got huge laudation during the show.

Did Sean and Casey win World of Dance?

Sean Lew, 15, and Kaycee Rice, 16, are the dancing duo that World of Dance fans can’t get enough of this season. Sean and Kaycee definitely have what it takes to be the winners of season 2, but there are still many weeks left in the competition. You might be asking: who are Sean and Kaycee?

What season of World of Dance were Sean and Kaycee?

Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice competed as a duo on Season 2 of World of Dance in 2018.

What season of wood was Sean and Kaycee on?

Sean and Kaycee started “World of Dance” season 2 with a bang. They stood out during the season premiere with a Qualifiers routine that scored 96, the highest of any Junior Division competitor.

Did Aiki win world dance?

World of Dance
Hosted byScott Evans
JudgesNe-Yo Jennifer Lopez Derek Hough
WinnerKings United
Runner-upUnity LA (Wildcard)

Where did Sean Lew learn to dance?

He started dancing with his older siblings Sarris and Sarah at Mather Dance Studio at the age of four and became a member of Mather Dance company. He got at the beginning most of his technical training there – ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, lyrical and hip-hop.

How did Kaycee Rice get famous?

In 2014, Kaycee was on America’s Got Talent with partner Gabe de Guzman. (See the America’s Got Talent Wiki for more information.) She was briefly featured in the music video for “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor.

Where is Charlize glass from?

Charlize Riley Glass (born on November 27, 2001 in Los Angeles, California, US) is a young professional dancer and actress living in California.

What camera does Sean Lew use?

Utilizing the Canon EOS 5D, Dexter films Sean as he runs through an intricate routine for their debut collaboration. The end result is something both creatives are not only proud of but excited to share with the world.

Did Pasha and Daniella win World of Dance?

30Iman Shumpert1st


Sean & Kaycee – World of Dance Compilation

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