Where did step dancing come from?

Step dancing, or “soulstepping,” is a form of competitive dance exhibition developed by African American fraternities and sororities in North Carolina and other southern states. The dances feature synchronized movements and percussive beats.

Where did step dancing originate?

The dance form has origins from African dance. Many sources agree that stepping derived from African culture and an African dance that incorporates slapping the arms, legs and chest, created in West Africa by slaves when slave owners refused to let them communicate by drums.

Is stepping a black thing?

Stepping has had a long tradition in African and Black communities. While its origins are in the Black community, stepping has spread to Latino, Asian cultures to multicultural fraternities and sororities as well. – There isn’t a specific origin date, but the start of stepping dates back to Africa.

What is the largest black sorority?

Today, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., is one of four college sororities for African American women, and is the largest African American Greek-letter sorority in the world. Since its founding, more than 350,000 women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds hold membership in Delta Sigma Theta.

Why do frats and sororities step?

Stepping is a percussive, highly-energetic art form first developed through the song and dance rituals performed by African-American fraternities and sororities. In stepping, the body becomes an instrument, using footsteps, claps and spoken word to produce complex poly-rhythms.


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