Where do dancers get their dresses?

  • Light in the Box.
  • Discount Dance.
  • Amazon.
  • Venus Dancewear.
  • Zs Ballroom.

What are some good dance costume websites?

  • A Wish Come True.
  • Algy Performs.
  • Bloch Dancewear.
  • Contours pret a’ porter.
  • Costume Gallery.
  • Curtain Call.
  • Dansco.
  • Jordan Grace Princesswear.

Do dance costumes run small?

Dance apparel is meant to be more form-fitting and hug the body. If your size is different than your streewear size – that’s ok! Oftentimes dance apparel sizes run smaller. Always check with your costume company’s sizing chart!

What does MA mean in size?

Milliampere, or milliamp: 1/1000 of an Ampere. Ampere is the basic unit for measuring electrical current.

What size is IC in dance?


Where is Weissman Costumes located?

Weissman is a family-owned company specializing in the design and manufacture of dancewear and costumes for recitals and performances. Weissman employs hundreds of people at its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, and produces much of its inventory at its adjoining factory.

How do you measure a dance leotard?

How To Measure Dancers for Costumes

How do you measure girth on a child?

Dance Teachers, Learn How to Measure Girth – WEISSMAN

What is ballet clothing called?

The tutu is a dress worn as a costume in a classical ballet performance, often with attached bodice. It may be made of tarlatan, muslin, silk, tulle, gauze, or nylon.

What are dance skirts made of?

Spandex (also called Lycra) – If you want to make a more fitted costume, you need stretch fabric. If you make a fitted skirt with fabric that doesn’t stretch, it’ll rip as soon as you start to dance. Spandex fabric is great for this! Spandex is actually the name of stretchy fiber contained in the fabric.


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