Where should rectangular planters be placed?

Fill up the rectangular container with suitable and lovely plants. Then line them up near your door, around your restaurant patios, put them around pools or use them to separate areas in a waiting room.

What do you put in a rectangle planter?

You can plant annuals, perennials, bulbs, vines, vegetables and herbs in a rectangular planter, but plants sharing one container must have similar sunlight, moisture and soil needs. For partial shade, try sweet alyssum, verbena, wave petunias, celosia, anchusa and trailing ivy geraniums.

What can you plant in a oblong planter?

  • Flowering Bulbs. Flowering bulbs such as miniature Daffodils, Hyacinths, Lilies, and Snowdrops will be perfect for a smaller rectangular planter box, or as an addition to bigger boxes to create layers in your patio or yard.
  • Vegetables and Herbs.
  • Indoor Trees.
  • Outdoor Privacy Plants.

Where do you position a planter?

Give Planters A Purpose – A walkway or set of stairs is a great way to utilize potted plants so that they serve a purpose and look great. You can frame stairs with planters on either side. Even flat paths can be accented with planters, as this can create the border you need to break up landscaping appropriately.

Where should plants be placed on a patio?

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How do you arrange a container?

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