Which british novelist wrote the Rachel Papers and Money?

Martin Amis, (born August 25, 1949, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England), English satirist known for his virtuoso storytelling technique and his dark views of contemporary English society.

When Was The Rachel Papers written?

Published in 1973 when he was 24, it is the story of its narrator’s masterfully cunning and scrupulously recorded seduction of his first “love” — inverted commas here because Charles Highway’s teenage contempt for everything encompasses love, and Rachel too.

What is Martin Amis best book?

Is Martin Amis Welsh?

Martin Amis (born 25 August 1949) is a Welsh novelist. His best known novels include Money (1984), London Fields (1989), Time’s Arrow (1991) and The Information (1995).

What did Kingsley Amis write?

Notable among his later novels were The Green Man (1969), Jake’s Thing (1978), and The Old Devils (1986). As a poet, Amis was a representative member of a group sometimes called “The Movement,” whose poems began appearing in 1956 in the anthology New Lines.

Is Lucky Jim a good book?

Great recommendation, because on the surface it’s nothing of the sort, but it is brilliant. Remarkable for its relentless skewering of artifice and pretension, Lucky Jim also contains some of the finest comic set pieces in the language. Remarkably, Lucky Jim is as fresh and surprising today as it was in 1954.

Why did Amis visited Portugal?

Amis called it merely ‘experience with style sauce’ – and the novel uses material from his own life, his trip to Portugal to fulfill the conditions of his Somerset Maugham Award – he would not write such an explicitly autobiographical novel again until later works such as You Can’t Do Both (1994), The Folks That Live

Why did Lucky Jim turn right?

To listen to the received wisdom on Amis, one would conclude that he turned from a fervent Trot into a foaming True Blue Tory, but to read “Why Lucky Jim Turned Right” is to confront a more prosaic truth: he’d simply realised that Britain, the country in which he lived, was, despite all its faults, a nicer place to

Who is Phoebe Phelps?

Another central figure, Phoebe Phelps, is entirely fictional, and characterized by a mixture of hyper-sexuality and vulnerability reminiscent of previous female characters written by Amis (e.g. Nicola Six in London Fields, Gloria Prettyman in The Pregnant Widow).

Was Philip Larkin Martin Amis’s father?

He has enjoyed great success, and the company of literary notables from birth. His father was Kingsley Amis; his stepmother was acclaimed writer Elizabeth Jane Howard; and Philip Larkin, one of the finest English poets of the last century, was a family friend.


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