Which classical dance is best to learn?

Which classical dance is hardest?

Kuchipudi is considered one of the toughest forms of Indian classical dance that originated in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The form is considered the toughest because it requires a whole lot of rituals, from lighting the incense sticks to sprinkling holy water and praying to the lord.

Why is Bharatanatyam difficult?

Bharatnatyam is more than a graceful artform– it requires skill, precision, strength, and discipline. Growing up, a lot of the criticism I received in class was hard to take. Most of us received critiques about how we danced as well as personal critiques about our bodies, worth ethic, even our families at times.

Which Indian classical dance is oldest?

A description of Bharatanatyam from the 2nd century CE can be found in the ancient Tamil epic Silappatikaram, while temple sculptures of the 6th to 9th century CE suggest it was a highly refined performance art by the mid-1st millennium CE. Bharatanatyam is the oldest classical dance tradition in India.

Which is the best classical dance in the world?

  • Bharatnatyam.
  • Kathak.
  • Oddisi.
  • Kathakali.
  • Kuchipudi.
  • Manipuri.
  • Sattriya.

Can we lose weight by Kathak?

Kathak. The classical dance form helps combat arthritic pain, tones your body, and increases stamina. With Kathak, you can burn around 400-600 calories per session.


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