Which contemporary female composer and arranger is considered one of the best in jazz today?

Toshiko Akiyoshi – After coming to the U.S. to study at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, Akiyoshi’s career took off. In the 1970s she began incorporating Japanese elements into her sound – a unique contribution to jazz that she is still recognized for today.

What is the name of the female artist who is considered to be the best jazz singer of all time?

Ella Fitzgerald – As with many of the most famous jazz singers of all time, Ella Fitzgerald is a popular figure who transcends the genre.

Who is generally considered the greatest saxophonists of all time?

1: Charlie Parker (1920-1955) – Topping the list of the best jazz saxophonists ever is the man fans referred to simply as Bird. If he had lived beyond 34 years of age, who knows what he could have accomplished.

When was Ella Fitzgerald born?

Ella Jane Fitzgerald was born in Newport News, Va. on April 25, 1917. Her father, William, and mother, Temperance (Tempie), parted ways shortly after her birth. Together, Tempie and Ella went to Yonkers, N.Y, where they eventually moved in with Tempie’s longtime boyfriend Joseph Da Silva.

Who is Diana Krall husband?

Personal life. Krall and British musician Elvis Costello were married on December 6, 2003, at Elton John’s estate outside London. Their twin sons, Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James, were born December 6, 2006, in New York City.

Who is the greatest jazz composer?

Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, is considered by many to be the most significant of all jazz composers, with some even ranking him as America’s all-time greatest songwriter, regardless of genre.

Who is considered to be the first important jazz composer?

Jelly Roll Morton became recognized as the first great jazz composer.

Who was the most important composer of the jazz age?

Duke Ellington was the greatest jazz composer and bandleader of his time. One of the originators of big-band jazz, he led his band for more than 50 years and composed thousands of scores.

Who is the jazz legend?

Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) – He helped to popularize jazz in the 1920s and enjoyed a long and fruitful career that saw notable collaborations with Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson and Bing Crosby. In 1968, in the twilight of his career, he scored a huge international pop hit with “What A Wonderful World.”

Who was the most prolific composer in jazz history?

Duke Ellington can be described as the single most prolific composer-arranger of jazz music. He has been described as the most significant and prolific composers and arrangers in the history of jazz.

Who is the best modern jazz pianist?

Herbie Hancock – The Modern Master At The Peak Of Parnassus. If you search for lists of the best jazz piano players, you’ll almost always find Herbie Hancock. His innovative playing cuts across styles from bebop and modal jazz with Miles Davis to fusion with the Headhunters.

Who plays jazz?

  • Charles Mingus 1922-79. Most people know Mingus as a pioneering bass player, but to me he’s the most raucous and inventive composer of his era.
  • John Coltrane 1926-67.
  • Mary Lou Williams 1910-81.
  • Herbie Hancock 1940-
  • Nat King Cole 1919-65.
  • Miles Davis 1926-91.
  • Keith Jarrett 1945-
  • Kurt Elling 1967-

Which jazz composer was known for playing the trumpet?

John Birks Gillespie, who passed away 25 years ago this month, he pioneered a number of jazz subgenres and became internationally famous for his legendary ability on the trumpet, his trademark “balloon cheeks,” and his playful stage presence.


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