Which James Baldwin book should you read first?

Notes of a Native Son (1955) – Readers of his nonfiction should begin here, because, in so many ways, the book announces the themes that will preoccupy Baldwin for the rest of his life: love, identity, history, and rage all animate these pages.

Which James Baldwin book should I read first?

  • Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953)
  • Notes of a Native Son (1955)
  • Giovanni’s Room (1956)
  • The Fire Next Time (1963)
  • No Name in the Street (1972)

Which James Baldwin to start with?

The Fire Next Time (1963) – Baldwin is perhaps best known for this small but powerful book. As an essayist, he is at the height of his powers in The Fire Next Time. Drawing on autobiography and social criticism, Baldwin pens a searing criticism of America at the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Who was James Baldwin wife?

Baldwin never married or had children. He had a deep love for children and had different partners who inspired him to dream of fatherhood. (He loved his many nieces and nephews very much.)

Where did James Baldwin live in Harlem?

James Baldwin’s residence, located at 137 West 71st Street, was nominated because of its significance having served as the home of prominent black author and civil rights activist from 1965 to 1987.

How do I read James Baldwin books?

How do you pick a book?

  1. Stories that have an intriguing plot and an interesting setting.
  2. Themes that would appeal specifically to your child.
  3. Language that is rich and evocative.
  4. Reading level and vocabulary that are age appropriate.
  5. Intriguing and believable characters.
  6. Readability. Try reading a bit of the text aloud.


Reading James Baldwin Now: “No Name in the Street”

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