Which Nancy Drew book should I read first?

The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew Series #1) – It’s a fairly straightforward mystery, without some of the twists and turns that later entries offer, but this is a fresh, inexperienced Nancy, and it’s fun to read about her start. The original Nancy Drew mystery—the one that started it all.

What order should I read Nancy Drew books in?

  • Nancy Drew 01: The Secret of the Old Clock Book.
  • Nancy Drew 02: The Hidden Staircase Book.
  • The Bungalow Mystery Book.
  • Nancy Drew 04: The Mystery at Lilac Inn Book.
  • The Secret of Shadow Ranch Book.
  • Nancy Drew 06: The Secret of Red Gate Farm Book.
  • Nancy Drew 07: The Clue in the Diary Book.

Whats the difference between Nancy Drew and Nancy Drew diaries?

The Nancy Drew Diaries is the current main Nancy Drew book series written under the pseudonym of Carolyn Keene. It was launched in February 2013 by Simon & Schuster, to replace the previous Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series.

How many Nancy Drew books are there in order?

The Penguin Nancy Drew Complete Set: Available for the first time in one complete collection only at Amazon.com. Nancy Drew has been solving mysteries, and delighting fans, for over 75 years. Now, for the first time, you can purchase all sixty-four classic Nancy Drew titles in one complete set!

Are Nancy Drew books worth anything today?

Value of Vintage Nancy Drew Books – But considering that they can often be purchased for 50¢ or $1, and that they sell pretty well from my antique booth for $6 each–they are reliable sellers, if not huge money-makers. That said, there are exceptions to that $6 price point.

How many Nancy Drew books are there 2020?

Nancy Drew has starred in movies, TV shows, computer games, and comics—but it all started with Nancy Drew books. Fifty-six books, to be exact, published from 1930 to 1979 by Grosset & Dunlap and written by many authors under the pen name Carolyn Keene.

Is the Nancy Drew series based on the books?

But while the new TV show is based off the literary franchise, it isn’t based off any one book from the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, by all accounts, but is rather an homage to them as a whole. According to the New York Times, The Hardy Boys creator Edward Stratemeyer first conceived of Nancy Drew in 1929.

Where do I start with Nancy Drew books?

  • The Secret of the Old Clock (Book 1)
  • The Hidden Staircase (Book 2)
  • The Mystery at Lilac Inn (Book 4)
  • The Secret of Shadow Ranch (Book 5)
  • The Secret of Red Gate Farm (Book 6)
  • Nancy’s Mysterious Letter (Book 8)
  • The Secret in the Old Attic (Book 21)
  • The Scarlet Slipper Mystery (Book 32)

What age are Nancy Drew books appropriate for?

Nancy Drew books are written at an 8 to 12 year old’s reading level; however, that does NOT mean that the situations in the books are appropriate for every 8 to 12 year old. Reading level does not dictate whether or not a book is right for your child.

What reading level is Anne of Green Gables?

Best for Middle School and up – The story covers Anne’s life during adolescence and into young adulthood so the content and her experiences are going to be more relevant for older kids. Furthermore, in the Accelerated Reader program, this is book level 7.3 which puts it at a 7th grade reading level.

What age are Junie B Jones books for?

By age 5, your child should have Junie B. Jones on their bookshelf. Children at this age are usually in kindergarten, and Junie B. Jones is any kindergartner’s most relatable literary character.

What grade level is Little House on the Prairie?

Interest LevelReading LevelATOS
Grades 4 – 8Grades 4 – 54.9

Why is Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Rated PG?

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase has some sexual references. For example: An older woman describes her past career as a burlesque dancer and talks about her various romantic partners. She calls them her ‘gentleman callers’.

How many AR points is Nancy Drew?

Series NameRangeRange
A to Z Mysteries3.2-4.16.1-6.9
Angelina Ballerina3.2-4.7
Nancy Drew Girl Detective3.2-5.67.7-8.0

What age group is famous five books for?

The Complete Famous Five Library 22 Books – Ages 9-14 – Paperback – Enid Blyton. Titles in Set: Five on a Treasure Island.

At what age can you read?

Like many developmental milestones there are key stages, but children will vary in age when they learn to independently read. Some children learn to read at 4 or 5 years of age. But most will get the hang of it by age 6 or 7.

What grade level are the Hardy Boy books?

This series can be read in any order. Ages 8-12.

What is guided reading P?

Your child reads independently, or on his/her own, at a level P. Readers at a level P can read many different types of text including biographies, mysteries, series books, and short stories. They read both chapter books and shorter informational (nonfiction) texts.


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