Which of the following artworks was created by JMW Turner?

What type of art did JMW Turner do?


What is Salon art hanging?

If you have spent time in museums or galleries lately, there’s a good chance that you will have seen an exhibition hung “salon-style,” a term that refers to large groupings of art that extend higher and lower than the traditional eye-level single row or “museum-style” hanging.

What was Joseph Turner famous for?

Turner is perhaps the best-loved English Romantic artist. He became known as ‘the painter of light‘, because of his increasing interest in brilliant colours as the main constituent in his landscapes and seascapes. His works include water colours, oils and engravings.

What famous pictures did JMW Turner paint?

  • Rome, From Mount Aventine (1835)
  • The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons (1835)
  • Dido building Carthage (1815)
  • Venice, from the Porch of Madonna della Salute (1835)
  • Norham Castle, Sunrise (1845)
  • Dort or Dordrecht – The Dort packet-boat from Rotterdam becalmed (1818)

Is Turner a famous painter?

Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775 – 1851) was an English painter whose Romantic works featured some of the best landscapes of the 19th century. Turner painted from a young age, and he found inspiration for his works through travels around the UK and abroad.

Is there a painter named Turner?

Turner, in full Joseph Mallord William Turner, (born April 23, 1775, London, England—died December 19, 1851, London), English Romantic landscape painter whose expressionistic studies of light, colour, and atmosphere were unmatched in their range and sublimity.

Did Turner have a wife?

Valentine’s Day would seem to be an appropriate time to look at the romantic life of the great painter, JMW Turner. There were many women in Turner’s life, at least one of whom bore him children, but he never married.

Who was JMW Turner’s father?

The great painter JMW Turner’s father, William Turner, was born in South Molton, Devon, in 1745, but moved to London around 1770, following in his father’s trade as a barber and wig-maker and settling in Covent Garden.


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