Which type of spreader is best for applying fertilizers?

Liquid/Spray Spreaders – The most efficient way to spread liquid fertilizer and other liquid lawn treatments is with a hose-end chemical spreader/sprayer.

What type of fertilizer spreader is best?

  • Best Value: Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader.
  • Best for Large Yards: Chapin 80-Pound Professional Turf Spreader.
  • Best Automatic Handheld Option: Scotts Wizz Spreader.
  • Best Towable Fertilizer Spreader: Agri-Fab 130-Pound Tow Spreader.

Which is better drop or rotary spreader?

Drop spreaders are particularly valuable when you must be precise in the product’s release, whereas a broadcast spreader’s main function is to efficiently broadcast in all directions. Drop spreaders will also make sure you don’t waste any product as you’re spreading.

Are drop spreaders better than broadcast spreaders?

How it works: Unlike a broadcast spreader, which casts materials outward, a drop spreader drops the product directly underneath as you push it, so you can be much more precise about the target area.

How do you spread fertilizer?

Spread Fertilizer Evenly on Yard – YouTube

How do you fertilize with a broadcast spreader?

Welcome To The Lawn: How to Use a Broadcast Spreader – YouTube

How do I choose a broadcast spreader?

How To Choose the Right Spreader for Your Lawn | The Home Depot

What setting should I use on my Scotts spreader for fertilizer?

After choosing the best broadcast spreader for your yard, locate the orange dial on the spreader and turn it to the setting indicated on the seed or fertilizer bag. Turn clockwise for a higher setting of 12 or 14, which is for larger granules or grass seed, or counterclockwise to reach a lower setting of three or five.

Are hand held spreaders any good?

A spreader is a great tool for keeping your lawn in tip top shape. Hand held spreaders do a good job of putting down your product quickly, easily and uniformly. After looking at hundreds of product reviews and reading consumer comments, I highly recommend the Solo 421.

How do you use Scotts fertilizer spreader?

How to Use a Scotts® Broadcast Lawn Spreader – YouTube

Do you really need a lawn spreader?

Do You Need a Spreader? If you’re going to spread fertilizer on your lawn then you really shouldn’t do it without a spreader. There are two types of spreaders: broadcast and drop. Drop spreaders are for more targeted applications, while broadcast spreaders are good for covering a large area quickly.

How often should you fertilize your lawn?

A full feeding is recommended at least 5-6 times per year. You want to feed your lawn when it’s growing most rapidly. However, you should base the frequency on your climate and the type of grass you have. For example, cool season grasses can be fertilized in late spring, but only if necessary.

How do I know what Scotts spreader I have?

You can also find spreader settings on our product information pages (Lawn Food, Grass Seed, Weed Control, and Insect, Grub & Disease Control). Spreader settings can be found on the “Details & Usage” tab on the product information pages.

What kind of fertilizer spreaders are there?

There are two types: drop and broadcast, also known as a rotary spreader. There are two types of broadcast spreaders: walk-behind and hand-held. All spreaders have a hopper to hold the product and an adjustable opening to control the volume of fertilizer or seed being distributed.

What setting should my lawn spreader be on?

Place your spreader setting on a low setting (usually one-fourth of the spreader setting range or less). Spread the material over a 50 x 20-foot area (1,000 square feet). If there is material left over, increase your setting. If you come up short, decrease your setting.

What is a fertilizer machine called?

Broadcast spreader, an agricultural machinery or lawn care tool designed to spread seed, fertilizer, lime, sand, ice melt, etc.

What is the best agricultural fertilizer spreader?

Arable FarmerKV/Vicon geospread/geocontrol are probably the most accurate weigh cell models and are very kind on the fertiliser.

Can I use a drop spreader for grass seed?

Position your drop spreader near the edge of your yard and press the lever to engage it. Walk at a normal pace around the perimeter of your lawn to sow grass seed all along the edge.

Can you use a seed spreader for fertilizer?

Used correctly, broadcast spreaders are the most efficient way to distribute grass seed, fertilizer, weed killer and other lawn products on your yard.

Will a salt spreader work for fertilizer?

There are dozens of salt spreaders on the market that can be used for salt, fertilizer, and even seeds. Dual-purpose spreaders are a smart purchase, as they will come in handy year-round.

What is a rotary fertilizer spreader?

Using Rotary and Drop Spreaders – YouTube


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