Who are the characters in the book The Stranger in the Lifeboat about?

The boat harbors two chefs, an Olympian, a makeup mogul, a silent girl, a Greek ambassador to the United Nations, a hairdresser, a British media executive, Jason Lambert himself, and a deckhand named Benji who chronicles the events upon the lifeboat.

What is the man in the lifeboat about?

An explosion on a yacht leaves ten desperate souls struggling to survive adrift in a lifeboat. Included among these are some very influential and wealthy people. Short on water, food, and hope, three days into the ordeal they spot a man floating in the waves. They pull him in, and he claims to be God.

Is the stranger in the life boat a true story?

Mitch Albom talks about ‘The Stranger in the Lifeboat’ | FOX 7 Austin

What happens at the end of stranger in the lifeboat?

Towards the end, when Benji mourned the death of the sea bird, his grief for his wife and his survivor’s guilt – for the lives of all the others who had been lost from the lifeboat and cruise ship – completely overwhelmed him.

Who was Benji in The Stranger in the Lifeboat?

“I am the Lord,” the man whispers. The story is narrated by Benji, one of the passengers, who recounts the events in a notebook that is later discovered—a year later—when the empty life raft washes up on the island of Montserrat.

Who is the narrator in The Stranger in the Lifeboat?

Our narrator is Benji, who worked on the yacht as a deckhand. He’s deeply troubled — not only by his impending death at sea but by his failure to stop the yacht from being blown up. But for days, weeks, months, he survives on rainwater and barnacles to write hundreds of pages to his beloved about this adventure.

What is the point of The Stranger in the Lifeboat?

A fast-paced, compelling novel that makes you ponder your deepest beliefs, The Stranger in the Lifeboat suggests that answers to our prayers may be found where we least expect them.


Author Mitch Albom on his Latest Book “The Stranger in the Lifeboat”

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Mitch Albom talks about ‘The Stranger in the Lifeboat’ | FOX 7 Austin

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