Who are the judges for SYTYCD 2022?

Remini joins the judging panel that now consists of herself, Stephen “tWitch” Boss and JoJo Siwa. Cat Deeley is the host. Remini will make her debut in the 300th episode of the series, which airs June 15.

Who is the new SYTYCD judge?

Two weeks after Matthew Morrison was fired as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, Fox has announced his replacement. Leah Remini will take Morrison’s place, joining SYTYCD alum Stephen “tWitch” Boss and JoJo Siwa at the judges’ table.

Who are the judges on Come dance with me?

Come Dance with Me
Presented byPhilip Lawrence
JudgesJenna Dewan Dexter Mayfield Tricia Miranda
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish

Who’s going to Replace Matthew Morrison?

Reality TV veteran, noted cult deprogrammer and occasional dancer Leah Remini is set to replace Matthew Morrison as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, following Morrison’s firing from the show.

Why is matt Morrison leaving SYTYCD?

They can thank the 300th Episode Gods for that. After Morrison’s dismissal from the show was announced, it was reported that he had “an inappropriate relationship with a female contestant” that included “flirty direct messages on social media,” a source told PEOPLE.

Who was kicked off So You Think You Can Dance?

Matthew Morrison reveals the DM that led to abrupt ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ exit. Matthew Morrison, seen in 2017, has addressed allegations about why he left “So You Think You Can Dance.”


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