Who are the top female singers of the 80s?

  • 8: Pat Benatar.
  • 7: Chaka Khan.
  • 6: Dolly Parton.
  • 5: Annie Lennox.
  • 4: Whitney Houston.
  • 3: Madonna.
  • 2: Kate Bush.
  • 1: Tina Turner.

Who is the most famous 80’s singer?

  • Whitney Houston. Sumptuous power ballad “The Greatest Love Of All” was arguably Whitney Houston’s signature hit, but during the 80s, this artist had 12 US smash hits and no less than seven topped the US Billboard charts.
  • Bruce Springsteen.
  • Phil Collins.
  • Lionel Richie.
  • Michael Jackson.
  • Billy Joel.
  • Madonna.
  • Janet Jackson.

Who was the most successful female pop singers of eighties?

  • Whitney Houston.
  • Pat Benatar.
  • Madonna.
  • Celine Dion. Image Vogue / Rollingstone.
  • Paula Abdul. Image Huffpost / Bloomberg.
  • Belinda Carlisle. Image Mirror / Thewealthrecord.
  • Janet Jackson. Image Billboard / Independent.
  • Joan Jett. Image Pinterest / iheart.

Who is the biggest selling musical artist of the 1980’s?

1 Michael Jackson – As the decade’s best-selling artist, it may come as a surprise to note that Michael Jackson only released two albums. However, it certainly helps out when one is the best-selling album of all time as his 1982 record Thriller has sold an astonishing 70 million copies worldwide.

Who was the best singer in the 1990s?

  • Alanis Morissette. Russell.
  • Mariah Carey. Known as one of the best selling music artists of all time.
  • 2Pac. Better known by his stage name 2Pac, he was an American rapper, songwriter, and actor.
  • Michael Jackson.
  • Madonna.


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