Who Did the Singing in One December Night?

Peter Gallagher performs “One December Night,” an original song for the film as well as “Coming Home,” a never before released single.

Does Bruce Campbell sing One December Night?

One December Night is no exception to that rule. However, instead of one tune, we get two! Peter Gallagher (who plays Mike Sullivan) will perform the titular number while Jasmine Forsberg (who portrays the character of Addison) will sing a song that she wrote for the movie, “Fa La La La La.”

Did Jasmine Forsberg sing in One December Night?

Fans of Bruce Campbell and Peter Gallagher should definitely watch One December Night. They are definitely my favorite part of the movie. My second favorite is Jasmine Forsberg’s singing. She has a lovely voice.

Where was the Hallmark movie One December Night filmed?

The Hallmark Christmas movie that was filmed in Goshen, “One December Night,” will be airing for the first time Saturday. The village was transformed into a Winter Wonderland back in September. According to the mayor, the film brought in nearly $20,000 of revenue to the village.

Who is One December Night about?

13 at 10:01 p.m. ET, Campbell portrays Steve Bedford, a former member of the legendary rock duo Bedford & Sullivan. The band had a hit song, titled “One December Night,” but broke up when Mike Sullivan (Peter Gallagher) showed up unable to play a sold-out show 10 years ago.

Did Peter Gallagher really sing on The OC?

Recently on Fox drama “The O.C.,” actor Peter Gallagher showed off his vocal skills by singing Solomon Burke’s soul classic “Don’t Give Up on Me.”

Can Bruce Campbell sing?

Bailey) favorite entertainer to perform for him, it just might give him the will to live. It’s an offbeat road trip flick and Campbell even does a bit of singing in it. Oh, and did I mention that the actor is also starring in a Hallmark Christmas movie called One December Night?

How much does Bruce Campbell charge for autographs?

Autograph Tickets

Tickets are required to participate in his signings and are priced at $40 per item. You may buy your Bruce Campbell autograph tickets on-site at our Show Store or order them online now right here. We recommend you order your autograph tickets in advance to guarantee your Bruce Campbell autograph.

How much is Bruce Campbell?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Profession:Actor, Film Producer, Writer, Author, Film director, Television Director, Television producer, Voice Actor

Who are Steve Bedford and Mike Sullivan?

The Gist: Steve Bedford (Bruce Campbell) and Mike Sullivan (Peter Gallagher) are a retired country/folk/rock duo, a hit-making machine once known as Bedford & Sullivan. The pair (think Brooks & Dunn meets Mumford & Sons, oddly enough) called it quits 10 years ago and the split was rough.

Who played Addison in One December Night?

One December Night (TV Movie 2021) – Jasmine Forsberg as Addison Reed – IMDb.

How rich is Bruce Campbell?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of Birth:Jun 22, 1958 (63 years old)
Height:6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession:Actor, Film Producer, Writer, Author, Film director, Television Director, Television producer, Voice Actor

Which hallmark leading man made a cameo appearance in my Christmas family tree?

Tyler Hynes in My Christmas Family Tree

First up was Tyler Hynes, appearing in Aimee Teegarden and Andrew Walker’s new movie as a waiter.

What is Ben’s job in holiday hearts?

At the same time, Peyton is planning the big Christmas Eve gala at her parents’ Inn, while Ben, a physician, is contemplating a job relocation to Honduras.

Does Bruce Campbell play guitar?

BC & The CG brings together Bruce Campbell (lead singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist), Owen Ellemor (electric and lap steel guitars), Barney Hurrell (mandolin, electric guitar) and Tonia Wilcox (vocals, percussion).

Who played Norma in One December Night?

One December Night (TV Movie 2021) – Didi Conn as Norma – IMDb.

Who played Troy on One December Night?

One December Night (TV Movie 2021) – Andrew Durand as Troy – IMDb.

What diner was used in One December Night?

Stagecoach Inn in Goshen was transformed into Pineville Inn, where rock stars Mike Sullivan (Gallagher) and Steve Bedford (Campbell) are staying during the reunion performance.

Where is Pineville in Hallmark movies?

With Hallmark’s Love, Take Two, the entire small town of Pineville is fiction. However, the actual spot where the makers shot this romantic piece was Squamish, BC located in Canada, as per IMDb. The actors of the film had continuously updated fans about the film’s location online on social media.

How old is Bruce Campbell?

63 years (June 22, 1958)

Who plays Schmidt’s dad?

Peter Gallagher is set to guest-star on the new season of New Girl as Schmidt’s (Max Greenfield) father, EW has confirmed. Gallagher portrayed The O.C.’s beloved dad, Sandy Cohen, for four seasons on the Fox series.

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