Who did Twyla Tharp dance with?

She completed her art history degree, but she had already resolved to make a career in dance. Shortly after graduation in 1963, she joined the Paul Taylor Dance Company, but within two years, she left to start her own group, Twyla Tharp Dance.

Who was Merce Cunningham and what did he contribute to the world of dance?

The Innovator – In the 1990s, Cunningham pioneered the use of the computer as a choreographic tool. The software DanceForms could model and animate the human form, allowing Cunningham to visualize sequences and phrases of dance on screen, which he would then translate to a dancer’s body.

Did Merce Cunningham dance with Martha Graham?

Career Highlights. A gifted dancer known for his powerful leaps, Cunningham was invited to join the Martha Graham Dance Company in 1939. He spent several years with the group, performing lead roles in such productions as El Penitente in 1939 and Appalachian Spring in 1944.

How did Merce Cunningham influence contemporary dance?

Cunningham has altered the audience’s very perception of what constitutes a dance performance and explored previously inconceivable methods of putting movement together. He has extended the definition of dance movement itself and, more significantly, rejected the traditional relationship of dance to music.

When did Horton start his dance company?

In 1932, Lester Horton formed his own dance company called the Lester Horton Dancers. That company evolved into what was briefly known as the Lester Horton California Ballets (1934) and then the Horton Dance Group (1934).


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