Who goes to a cotillion?

Typically a southern American tradition, a cotillion ball is a season of etiquette classes for middle-school aged children (ages 11 — 13). This season ends with a final dinner-dance where proud parents and teachers gather to watch the participants show off their table manners, conversation etiquette, and dance moves.

Why do people go to cotillion?

So the main purpose of a cotillion is to teach respectful manners to young people so they can go out into society and thrive. Debutante balls are different in that they celebrate the actual joining to society for young people.

What do they do at cotillion?

Cotillion is typically a season of etiquette classes for middle-school aged children that ends with a final dinner-dance where they get to show off what they’ve learned.

How do you get to cotillion?

In order to be a Member of Cotillion Club of Sarasota, children must be in the 8th grade or higher, obtain a sponsor, reside or attend school in Sarasota County, and attend new Member orientation before their first season begins.

What is a college cotillion?

A debutante ball is sometimes referred to as a cotillion. Historically, debutante balls were formal events where young ladies in long white gloves and floor length white dresses were presented to society. The debut would have been initiated by their parents with the intention of finding potential suitors.

How much is a debutante ball?

The least-expensive ticket cost $1,100. Tables for 10 to 12 were priced as high as $25,000. In an age of Facebook and Instagram and dating apps, a ball created by, and for, the wealthy — back when formal dances were a way to meet potential mates and be introduced to “polite society” — seems like a quaint tradition.

Why should I be a debutante?

Becoming a debutante is still a desirable thing for many women. Today, it’s more about upholding tradition and honoring the accomplishments of young women, not as much about the contributions of their families to society or having parents marry off their careerless daughters to wealthy men.


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