Who is a well known countertenor?

Although pioneering countertenors such as Alfred Deller, James Bowman, David Daniels and Andreas Scholl are widely celebrated in the classical world, men singing professionally in a woman’s vocal register used to be rare.

Who is the greatest countertenor?

Philippe Jaroussky/Ensemble Matheus /Jean-Christophe Spinosi – Philippe Jaroussky is arguably the most prominent French countertenor to have emerged from the turn of the twenty first century era.

Which is higher tenor or countertenor?

Countertenors often are natural baritones or tenors, but rarely use this vocal range in performance. Oxford English Dictionary: A part higher in pitch than the tenor, sung by a high male voice; the alto.

What is Mitch Grassi’s vocal range?

Mitch Grassi’s voice spans 6 octaves and 1 tone, from A1 to B7. Dubbed by Shawn Stockman from Boyz 2 Men as “the prettiest voice I’ve ever heard in my life,”. He is a tenor.

What singer is a countertenor?

A countertenor is a male singer who can sing as high as a soprano or mezzo-soprano. The countertenor is the rarest of all voice types.

What is the rarest vocal range?

Contralto. The contralto voice is the lowest of the female voices and by far and away the rarest. The contralto range is roughly from the F below middle C to a high F one octave above middle C almost exactly matching that of the male countertenor.

Is alto a countertenor?

countertenor, also spelled Contra Tenor, in music, adult male alto voice, either natural or falsetto. In England the word generally refers to a falsetto alto rather than a high tenor. Some writers reserve the term countertenor for a naturally produced voice, terming the falsetto voice a male alto.

Is Chris Colfer a soprano?

He stood his ground as a capable choral soprano in “diva-offs” with famous soprano Lea Michele on Glee, and showed his versatility by alternating between soprano, alto, and tenor parts throughout the series, plus one bass part, in “Give Up the Funk” (these notes were contested, but proved to be genuine when Colfer

What voice type is Stevie Wonder?

He generally exhibits a mix between head voice and falsetto called falsettone. It extends up to D#6, however it sounds at its most healthy at G#5.

Is Eminem a tenor?

SingersAvenue — Eminem’s Vocal Profile Vocal Type: Low Tenor

Is Elvis Presley a tenor?

Elvis Presley was a baritone whose voice had an extraordinary compass — the so-called register — and a very wide range of vocal colour. It covered two octaves and a third, from the baritone low-G to the tenor high B, with an upward extension in falsetto to at least a D flat.

Who has the highest tenor voice?

1. Plácido Domingo (b1941)

Is Adam Levine a tenor?

Levine is a tenor, with a 4 octave vocal range and has been noted for his falsettos.

Is Charlie Puth baritone?

Yes he’s a pop tenor.

Is Chris Brown a tenor?

Chris Brown’s Voice Type & Vocal Range – Chris Brown has a light Lyric tenor vocal style. His vocal potential was first discovered by his mom when he was still a kid.


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