Who is Beyoncé’s choreographer for Coachella?

Choreographer JaQuel Knight has been working with Beyoncé since he was 18. The collaboration for Beychella broke the internet during Coachella. He’s also done choreography stars like J. Lo, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and more.

Who choreography Single Ladies?

But no, JaQuel Knight is the choreographer who has worked with a range of stars as well as Beyoncé, and his latest move is fascinating on a tech and business level. He has founded a company to copyright his dance moves, after doing so with those created for ‘Single Ladies’.

Who choreographed for Chris Brown?

DancePlug host Jason Carter sits down with Flii Stylz, creative director for Chris Brown’s upcoming tour “Carpe Diem”. Flii talks about working with Chris, his unforgettable experience with Michael Jackson, his music ventures, and more.

Who Has Nicole Kirkland choreographed for?

Nicole’s choreography talent is apparent in both industry and community dance. On the industry side, Nicole has choreographed for Prince, Teyana Taylor, Ceelo Green, K. Michelle, Kehlani, Paloma Ford, Tayla Parx, Liv Warfield, E40, 3rdEyeGirl, Iakopo, Judith Hill & many more.

Who are the dancers in Chris Brown’s party video?

Music video – It features cameo appearances from Internet viral video stars Kida the Great and Ayo & Teo in the video. The video begins with Brown entering an underground club. To gain entry he begins to dance to the song “Kriss Kross” with a group of kids surrounding him in a circle.

What type of dance does Nicole Kirkland do?

Nicole’s diverse style of choreography stems from her extensive training background. She can teach anything from jazz funk and heels, to urban and pop styled hip hop. Nicole focuses on character.

What is Chris Brown’s best dance video?

  • ‘Yeah 3x’ ChrisBrownVEVO.
  • ‘Anyway’ Feat. Tayla Parx.
  • ‘Fine China’ ChrisBrownVEVO.
  • ‘Gimme’ That Feat. Lil Wayne.
  • ‘New Flame’ Feat. Usher & Rick Ross.
  • ‘Forever’ ChrisBrownVEVO. 12M subscribers.
  • ‘Kiss Kiss’ Feat. T-Pain. ChrisBrownVEVO.
  • ‘Zero’ ChrisBrownVEVO. 12M subscribers.

How do you dance like Chris Brown?

How to Dance like Chris Brown | Hip-Hop How-to

Who is Beyoncé’s backup dancer?

Ashley Chrisha Marie Everett (born April 19, 1989) is an American dancer and actress. She is best known as lead backup dancer and dance captain for Beyoncé, and has worked with such artists as Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, Tina Turner, Ciara, Sean Paul and Anitta.

Who is the guy in the dance for you video?

Brett G. Smith as Elvis, performing with performing with Rob Young’s band Graceland, circa 1986. Photo courtesy of the Smith family. Smith’s big break came in 2011 when, to his surprise, he aced an audition to play a hard-boiled detective wooed by Beyoncé in her Dance for You video.

How do you become a backup dancer on tour?

Auditions are the sole way to get hired as a backup dancer, and they come in two varieties: open, which means accessible to all and therefore crowded and time-consuming; and closed, which means only for those with solid connections or a great reputation.

Who does Beyoncé’s choreography?

JaQuel Knight (born August 6, 1989) is an American choreographer and dancer. Born in North Carolina and raised in Atlanta, he has worked with Beyoncé on many of her most notable dances, including on “Single Ladies”, “Formation” and the historic Coachella performances which she headlined.

Is Beyoncé a choreographer?

Beyonce Choreographer Launches Company to Copyright Dance Moves – Variety.

Who choreographed Everybody Backstreet’s Back?

“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by Backstreet Boys is one of the 46 on-disc tracks included with Dance Central 3. The routine is choreographed by Spikey Soria and ranked under the “Tough” difficulty level (4/7).


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