Who is currently the lead singer of Kansas?

KANSAS would like to introduce lead vocalist and keyboardist, Ronnie Platt, as it’s newest member. Ronnie’s first show with the band will be September 12 in Oklahoma City, OK, where he will take over singing duties for departing vocalist Steve Walsh.

Who is in Kansas band now?

What happened to the lead singer of Kansas?

Robby Steinhardt, violinist and co-lead vocalist for Kansas, died Saturday after a bout of acute pancreatitis and septic shock, his wife Cindy Steinhardt confirmed on Facebook.

Which member of Kansas recently died?

Robby Steinhardt, a founding member, co-lead singer and violinist of the rock band Kansas, died July 17, 2021. His death, at age 71, was revealed by his wife, Cindy, on July 19. The musician had been admitted to Tampa General hospital on May 13, suffering from acute pancreatitis.

Is Steve Walsh still touring with Kansas?

Steve Walsh
Associated actsKansas, Streets

What was Kansas number one song?

# 1 – The Wall – It was really tough to pick any other Kansas song besides “Carry On Wayward Son,” to land in the number one spot on a top 10 Kansas songs list.

Is Kansas still a band?

Years active1973–1984, 1985–present
LabelsKirshner MCA Magna Carta Inside Out

Who was the leader of the band Kansas?

NameYears activeInstruments
Steve Walsh1973–1981 1985–2014lead and backing vocals keyboards synthesizers vibraphone percussion
John Elefante1981–1984lead and backing vocals keyboards synthesizers
Steve Morse1985–1989 1991lead and rhythm guitars backing vocals
Greg Robert1987–1997keyboards backing vocals

Who is the violinist for Kansas?

As a key member of the rock band Kansas, classically trained violinist Robby Steinhardt sold more than 14 million records – eight gold and two four-times-platinum albums.


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