Who is RYSN?

Rysn Ftori is a Thaylen apprentice merchant to Vstim, whom she finds to be a very strange but knowledgeable person, and from whom she can learn a lot about mercantile enterprise.

Is Rysn a radiant?

Rysn Ftori
by paintweaver
ProfessionAccountant, Merchant

How did Rysn break her legs?

Vstim feigned sickness in an attempt to give Rysn practice trading with real stakes. When Rysn thinks the trade is at stake, she acts rashly and attempts to speak to Relu-na itself by lowering herself down near its head. However, the rope she was clinging to snapped and she fell a large distance.

Who is odium Way of Kings?

Odium is one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium. He was originally held by Rayse and was – for a time – one of the three Shards located on Roshar. Odium is now trapped on Braize and has nine magic systems (i.e., Voidbindings). Odium’s name is first spoken in a vision had by Kaladin.

How big is Roshar?

This is due, in part, to the planet’s small size; Roshar has a circumference of approximately 22110 miles (35583 km), giving a radius of 3519 miles (5663 km), and comes in just under 90% of the cosmere standard size.

What happened to Aimia?

Aimia is also the name of the largest island in the chain. The islands contained one of the Silver Kingdoms of Roshar that survived the Desolations. The Kingdom of Aimia existed for part, if not most, of the Era of Solitude, but at some point it was decimated in the scouring of Aimia.

How old is lift Stormlight?

Lift is thirteen years old when the True Desolation begins. She has long, straight black hair that she wears down to her waist. Her skin is tan and she has the rounded features of the Reshi.

Why can rock see spren?

Abilities. Rock is able to see spren whether they choose to be seen by him. He apologizes to the spren in the chasm where he and members of Bridge Four are practicing with Kaladin’s abilities, naming those spren, mafah’liki. He claims that he is alaii’iku . that he can see spren while others cannot.

Who is Axies the collector?

Axies the Collector is a Siah Aimian engaged in a quest to catalog all the different varieties of spren on Roshar. He is basically immortal, and he researches spren as his way of finding purpose in immortality. He is affected by the Curse of Kind.

How many Dawnshards are there?

According to Brandon, there are only four Dawnshards.

Do I need to read Dawnshard before rhythm of war?

You don’t have to have read [Dawnshard] before [Rhythm of War],” Sanderson said. “It’s not hugely integrated because it’s about Rysn. But there are some things that happen that you’ll get to book 4 and be like, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute. They’re mentioning a trip to Aimia.

What is Chiri Chiri?

Chiri-Chiri is the name of the larkin given to Rysn by the Tai-na of the Reshi Isles, after she launched herself over the side of the greatshell because she knew that Relu-na approved of boldness.

How many chapters are in Dawnshard?

Dawnshard consists of nineteen chapters, a prologue and epilogue.

How did Rysn get Chiri?

Chiri-Chiri was given to Rysn by the island Relu-na after Rysn fell from its head.

Is Chiri Chiri a dragon?

Chiri-Chiri is the Stormlight Archives first crab-dragon.

What is a Larkin Stormlight?

A larkin is a rare creature which can absorb Stormlight from people. Though they were supposed to have died with the scouring of Aimia, they now remain endangered. However, even their corpses bring a fortune in trade.

How do you pronounce the name Stormlight archive?

  1. Kaladin: KAL-uh-din.
  2. Shallan: Shuh-LAWN.
  3. Adolin: AD-ohl-in.
  4. Jasnah: Jazz-nuh.
  5. Kholinar: KO-lin-ar.
  6. Kabsal: Kab-SAHL.
  7. Sadeas: SAY-dee-us.
  8. Hoid: HOYD.

Is Rysn in rhythm of war?

Welcome back to the Rhythm of War Reread, where this week we get to hang out with our favorite little larkin, Chiri-Chiri. Oh, and Rysn, of course.

Are Edgedancer and Dawnshard worth reading?

Dawnshard is also really good and offers some nice development to some characters who have been side characters, and sets up some things for later on in the Cosmere. So both definitely worth reading!

Can I read Edgedancer after Oathbringer?

both go through some important character development in this book, and are featured more prominently in the main plotline of the series starting with Oathbringer. As long as you’re fine with missing out on that, feel free to skip Edgedancer or save it until after Oatbringer.

How many books will be in the Stormlight archive?

The Stormlight Archive is projected to be 10 volumes long (with additional short stories, novelettes, and novellas woven in along the way), but Sanderson split it into two shorter, five-volume series.

Is Dawnshard worth reading?

For what it’s meant to be, this little book is fantastic. However, that qualifier is fairly significant. Dawnshard is not, for lack of a better description, its own story. It has a plot, it has characters, but its main purpose is to set up for major events later in the series.

Do I need to read the Stormlight novellas?

It’s not necessary to read any of the others in order to understand the events of the Stormlight books. However, there are characters from one series that appear in another. It’s mostly minor characters, with a few notable exceptions.

What heightening is Rysn?

Featured InThe Stormlight Archive

Is Dalinar a sliver?


What are the 4 Dawnshards?


Where can you read Dawnshard?

  • Kindle.
  • Nook.
  • Apple Books.
  • Smashwords.
  • Kobo.
  • Google Play.

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