Who Is Sam Hunt Singing About In “23”?

Songfacts®: “23” is a nostalgic country-pop jam where Sam Hunt looks back fondly on a past relationship. He reminisces about their trips to New Orleans and Folly Beach, and a conversation in the July rain.

How old is Sam Hunt now?

37 years (December 8, 1984)

When did the song 23 come out?


What album is 23 on by Sam Hunt?


Who did Sam Hunt write 23 for?

Songwriter(s)Sam Hunt Shane McAnally Chris LaCorte Josh Osborne
Producer(s)Chris LaCorte
Sam Hunt singles chronology
“When Was It Over?” (2021) “23” (2021) “Wishful Drinking” (2021)

What does 23 mean in Sam Hunt’s song?

Sam Hunt’s “23” is a reminder that, no matter how a relationship ends, it’s time you’ll never get back.

Who was 23 written about?

The primary subject of Sam Hunt’s “23” and also the person the vocalist is addressing would apparently be his ex-girlfriend, someone he was in love with back in the day but now, by the looks of things, has more or less lost contact with.

What is 23 song about?

The song is essentially a heartfelt message to the person he was with when he was 23, as he sings about how the two have gone their separate ways, but the memories they made together will last forever.

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How old is Hannah Lee Hunt?

Real/Full NameHannah Lee Fowler
Age36 years

How many kids does Sam Hunt have?

Currently, Sam Hunt does not have any children. However, Sam announced he and his estranged wife, Hanna Lee Fowler are expecting a baby. Sam told Country Countdown USA: “I haven’t talked about this, but I have a little girl on the way. I have a baby coming in about 8 weeks.

When did Sam Hunt’s 23 come out?


Did Nicki Minaj write 23?

Miley Cyrus ended up taking her place. Miley Cyrus announced today that she plans to distance herself from the hip-hop-inspired sound that defined her Platinum-certified 2013 album Bangerz in favor of a rootsy, singer-songwriter vibe.

Who wrote the song 23?

1 Single “23” Before Alcohol Nearly Ruined His Life.

What is Sam Hunt’s best song?

  • “Cop Car” From Keith Urban’s ‘Fuse’ (2013)
  • “Saturday Night” From ‘Between the Pines’ (2013)
  • “Break Up In a Small Town” From ‘Montevallo’ (2014)
  • “Body Like a Back Road” Single (2017)
  • “Take Your Time” From ‘Montevallo’ (2014)

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