Who is the best dance teacher in YouTube?

Who is the best dancer on YouTube?

  • #4 DYTTO.
  • #1 MATT STEFFANINA. Matt Steffanina reigns above all with over 13MM subscribers across 4 YouTube channels.

Which is the best YouTube channel for learning dance?

  • Dancercise Studio.
  • LiveToDance with Sonali.
  • Soul to Sole : The Fitness & Dance Hub.
  • Dance with Madhuri.
  • Team Naach.
  • Elif Khan.
  • Dance Fitness with Jessica.
  • 1MILLION Dance Studio.

What is a good dance teacher?

They are honest, offer feedback, support, and motivation. A great instructor will be respectful at all times and understand that coming into the studio to teach is more than “just a job.” Dancers need someone to be understanding and flexible.

What are the qualities of a good dance instructor describe briefly?

  • Passion. As is important in many other careers, passion is a necessary quality in a superior dance instructor.
  • Flexibility. Another important characteristic is flexibility.
  • Dedication.
  • Patience.
  • Education.
  • Professionalism.

Who are the famous dance instructor?

  • How to become a dancer.
  • Martha Graham.
  • Jacques d’Amboise.
  • Phil Black.
  • The right way to behave on a professional dance job.
  • Frank Hatchett.
  • Sue Samuels.
  • Eugene Louis Faccuito aka Luigi.


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