Who is the famous in street dance?

1. Buddha Stretch. Buddha Stretch is known for being a big player in bringing hip hop dance to a mainstream audience and as the first choreographer of the style. Buddha has performed with legendary artists such as Salt-N-Pepper, Big Daddy Kane and even Michael Jackson.

Who is the best dancer in hiphop?

  • Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop, however, many of his dance moves find their origin in hip hop dance.
  • Run-DMC.
  • Aaliyah.
  • Paula Abdul.
  • Ciara.
  • NappyTabs (Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo)
  • Les Twins.
  • Beyoncé

Who is famous for hip hop dance?

1. Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is highly regarded as the King of Pop, however, a lot of his dance moves find their origin in hip-hop dance. He married hip-hop dance styles with funk, soul and electric boogaloo to create a unique blend of pop, and hip-hop worthy dance.

Who introduced hip hop dance in India?

hip hop international india – Started in 2012 by Anjan Sivakumar under the banner of Anjan Events and Production, we have successfully taken India’s best dance teams in the past 5 years to represent India at one of the World’s Biggest Dance Stage – World Hip Hop Dance Championship USA, Las Vegas.

What is the best dance group name?

  • Sparks.
  • Spirit of Dance.
  • Sweet Disasters.
  • Take A Leap.
  • Tapping Kings.
  • Tempo Masters.
  • The Dazzlers.
  • Tomcats.

Where did hip hop dance start?

Hip Hop dance includes a wide range of “street dance” styles that are associated with the Hip Hop culture born in New York City in the mid-’70s. Traditionally, the original dance of Hip Hop was Breaking, which was the predominant style from the 1970s until the mid-’80s.


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