Who is the lead singer of Phish?

Who is the lead singer for Phish?

Trey Anastasio

How long did Phish split?

The current blissful era of Phish began in 2009, five years after a rough breakup, when the band members convened a series of meetings to play music and discuss how they’d move forward.

When did Phish come back from hiatus?

03/06/2009 Hampton Coliseum – [1] Phish debut. [2] Restarted. Phish’s first public performance since Coventry on August 15, 2004 started with Fluffhead, a song not played since prior to the first hiatus on September 29, 2000 (70 shows).

Did Trey Anastasio leave Phish?

Less than twenty-four hours after Phish called it quits, Trey Anastasio visited Rolling Stone’s New York offices to talk about his decision. “Not everybody’s fully in agreement,” the frontman says of the band, which formed twenty-one years ago while the members were in college in Burlington, Vermont.

How old is Phish?

They formed in Vermont in 1983, broke up in 2004, and reformed in 2009. Their lead singer is Trey Anastasio. Phish was often compared to the Grateful Dead, and had a similar following of “Phish Heads” following the band on tour. They went on a 5-year-long hiatus from 2004 to 2009.

What college did Trey Anastasio go to?

Where does Trey from Phish live?

“Trey and I are polar opposites,” says Fishman, who lives with his family on a 900-acre farm in Lincolnville, Maine.

How tall is Mike Gordon?

5′ 7″

How much is widespread panic worth?

Net Worth:$4 Million
Profession:Musician, Singer, Guitarist
Nationality:United States of America

When did Trey graduate from Goddard?

While at Goddard, he composed the song cycle The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday as his senior project. These songs became mainstays of the Phish catalog. He graduated from Goddard in 1988.


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