Who is the main dancer of BTS?

Jimin is the main dancer and lead vocalist for the group. He was trained in modern dance which he shows off in his excellent performance of his solo song, Lie. Known as the most energetic member of the group, he also loves to celebrate other members birthdays. Jimin was almost kicked out of BTS multiple times.

Who are the three main dancers in BTS?

Jimin and J-Hope are in charge of the primary dance positions. The dance line, but on the other hand, is made up of three members, featuring Jungkook as the lead dancer. However, when it comes to major dancers, Jimin and J-Hope have greater expertise in the business, which makes them both main dancers.

What are the positions of BTS?

  • RM – Leader, Main Rapper.
  • Jungkook – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Center/Face of the group, Maknae.
  • Jimin – Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer.
  • Jin – Vocalist, Visual.
  • J-Hope – Lead Rapper, Main Dancer.
  • Suga – Lead Rapper.
  • V – Vocalist.

Who joined BTS first?

Rap Monster was the first to join BTS and the only one from the original line up. He said the famous quote, “Jimin, you got no jams.” “My name is Rap Monster, not Dance Monster.”

What is BTS blood type?

Soo Choi (REST) on Twitter: “TMI: Blood type of @BTS_twt RM, Jhope, Jimin & Jungkook : A Jin and Suga : O V : AB” / Twitter.


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