Who is the most successful Irish singer?

Irish actsSoldYears active
1. U2170 Million +1976 – present (46 Years)
2. Enya80 Million +1986 – present (36 Years)
3. Westlife55 Million +1998 – present (24 Years)
4. The Cranberries50 Million +1990–2003, 2009–2019 (23 Years)

Who was the best Irish singer of all time?

  • Shane MacGowan (The Pogues)
  • Sinéad O’Connor.
  • Luke Kelly (The Dubliners)
  • Barney McKenna (The Dubliners)
  • Imelda May.
  • Mary Black.
  • Andrea Corr (The Corrs)

What is Irelands most famous song?

The Fields of Athenry – Ireland’s unofficial anthem – The Fields of Athenry is often regarded to be Ireland’s unofficial national anthem as it is one of the most popular and most famous Irish songs ever composed.

Who is the most famous Irish band?

As one of the most famous Irish bands to ever form, U2 are synonymous with the expressive vocals of lead singer/guitarist Bono along with “The Edge” (David Howell Evans on keyboard), Adam Clayton on bass guitar and Larry Mullen Jr.

What is Enya known for?

Enya is one of the most well-known and enigmatic singers of modern times and has been a household name since her breakthrough solo album, Watermark, was released in 1988. It has since sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Watermark was just the beginning of Enya’s success.

How many records has Enya sold?

Enya has achieved worldwide record sales of more than 80 million, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Who did Enya sing with?

Enya was born Eithne Ni Bhraonain in the Republic of Ireland in 1961, one of nine children. At the age of 19, she briefly joined the family band, Clannad, who themselves were enjoying global success with music of a distinctly soporific nature.


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