Who is the number 1 superhero?

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been named the world’s most popular superhero according to a new study that reveals his popularity extends far from home.

Who is Marvel’s number 1 superhero?

Spider-Man – Spider-Man redefined what a superhero could be, and although many have followed in his footsteps, he’s still number one, definitively at Marvel and arguably anywhere else.

Who is the coolest avenger?

  1. 1 Thor.
  2. 2 Iron Man.
  3. 3 Spider-Man.
  4. 4 Doctor Strange.
  5. 5 Captain America.
  6. 6 Black Panther.
  7. 7 Scarlet Witch.
  8. 8 The Hulk.

Who is the bravest avenger?

  1. 1 Captain America. Steve Rogers aka Captain America is the best example of someone who showed the bravery of a hero before they were a superhero.
  2. 2 Black Panther.
  3. 3 Captain Marvel.
  4. 4 Black Widow.
  5. 5 Iron Man.
  6. 6 Thor.
  7. 7 Scarlet Witch.
  8. 8 Doctor Strange.

Who’s the best Marvel villain?

Thanos is currently considered one of Marvel’s greatest villains, and his history is an interesting one. Creator Jim Starlin made him into the ultimate cosmic Marvel bad guy before his death and then brought him back in a big way in Infinity Gauntlet.

Is Captain Marvel stronger than Thor?

Both the comics and movies portray different versions of Thor and Captain Marvel. Movie Captain Marvel will dominate movie Thor, but it’s the other way around for the Marvel comics because Thor is obviously stronger.

What are top 10 superheroes?

  1. #1 Superman.
  2. #2 Batman.
  3. #3 Spider-Man.
  4. #4 Wolverine.
  5. #5- Hulk.
  6. #6 Iron Man.
  7. #7 Captain America.
  8. #8 Wonder Woman.


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