Who owns Boston Dynamics now?

Who is Boston Dynamics owned by?

HeadquartersWaltham, Massachusetts , United States
Number of employees300
ParentHyundai Motor Group (2020–present) SoftBank Group (2017–2020) Alphabet Inc. (2013–2017)

What part of Hyundai owns Boston Dynamics?

It’s officially official. Hyundai Motor Group (Hyundai) announced this morning it completed its acquisition of a controlling stake in Boston Dynamics. Hyundai now owns an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics, while SoftBank owns the remaining 20% through one of its affiliates. The deal was announced in December 2020.

Is Boston Dynamics listed on the stock market?

Boston Dynamics is currently a non-public company. We will notify you if a securities prospectus is issued and there is an opportunity to buy Boston Dynamics stocks.

How is Boston Dynamics funded?

Initially, Boston Dynamics received a lot of its funding from the U.S. military and DARPA. Later, it was financed by big-name owners including Google, SoftBank and most recently, Hyundai.

Who owns the robot dog?

Hyundai Motor Company inked a $1.1 billion deal to acquire a controlling stake in Boston Dynamics, the robotics company you probably know as the maker of those unsettling four-legged robots that terrify and delight YouTube browsers.

How much of Boston Dynamics does Hyundai own?

Post-closing, the Group holds an 80 percent stake in Boston Dynamics and SoftBank, through one of its affiliates, retains the remaining 20 percent stake.

Is Boston Dynamics still in business?

Boston Dynamics has captivated the public with viral videos, now it’s looking to impress paying customers. In June of 2020, Boston Dynamics started selling its first commercial robot: Spot. It was a big moment for the company. For most of its 30 year history, Boston Dynamics has been focused on research and development


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