Who owns break the floor?

February 2022 brought on a new chapter at BTF with new ownership and leadership by longtime entertainment entrepreneur Russell Geyser. Russell believes the health and well-being of Break the Floor dancers and staff is paramount. He is committed to a culture of transparency, integrity, and professionalism.

Does Break the Floor own Radix?

Who won Radix Nationals 2021?

Winner$1,000The Rock Center For Dance
1st Runner Up$500Evoke Dance Movement
2nd Runner Up$250Project 21
3rd Runner Up$250Impact Dance Studio

Who has been fired from Break the Floor?

“I took the word of this choreographer, and thought he was helping me build a dance career. Which in fact, he wasn’t,” Hudson said in his video, viewed over 6,300 times. The next day Meismer was removed from NUVO’s website and abruptly left the tour. He is no longer with the company, according to Break The Floor.

What is Radix gala?

Competition that brings together some of the best dance talent from around the world. State-of-the art staging and production. Auditions with the top dance agencies in the country. Unique nightly events. Closing night Radix Gala!

Is it against TOS to buy Gil?

No, it is not legitimate. Purchasing gil offered by ‘Real Money Traders’ (RMT or ‘gilsellers’) is actually against the Terms of Service you agreed to when you created your account, and thus, if SE discovers you have purchased said gil for real money, your account will not only be suspended, but completely deleted.

Does PotD give Gil?

The PotD ‘levelling’ set is floors 51-60, and you get 2,000 gil for completing that set.

Can you get caught buying Gil Ffxiv?

There is no real way to buy FFXIV Gil. Such transactions are prohibited in-game and you will most likely get banned for even discussing selling or buying in-game gil! This is why there exist third-party online portals that exist as online gold-selling platforms for various games.

Who founded Break the floor?

The company was launched 22 years ago by a charismatic dancer, Gil Stroming, who came to fame in the 1990s, performing in the off-Broadway show “Tap Dogs,” described in The New York Times as a “beefcake tap-a-thon.”

What happened to Travis from So You Think You Can Dance?

Two-time Emmy-winning choreographer and So You Think You Can Dance star Travis Wall has been taken off of the Break the Floor dance company’s tours after allegations of sexual misconduct and grooming were leveled at him by a then-underaged dancer with the company.

Is Alison Stroming related to Gil Stroming?

She was a demonstrator for the regional tour of Jump: The Alternative Convention directed by her brother, Gil Stroming.


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