Who sang the song Happy Birthday Happy Birthday?

Who sang the song Happy Happy Birthday?

“Happy Birthday”
Songwriter(s)Stevie Wonder
Producer(s)Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder singles chronology

Who sang Happy Happy Birthday Baby in the 50s?

SAN DIEGO (AP) _ Singer Margo J. Sylvia, best known for her hit song ″Happy, Happy Birthday Baby″ with the 1950s group the Tune Weavers, has died at age 55.

When was Ed Sheeran born?

Edward Christopher Sheeran MBE (/ˈʃɪərən/; born 17 February 1991) is an English singer-songwriter. Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk, he began writing songs around the age of eleven. In early 2011, Sheeran independently released the extended play, No.

Was Happy Birthday written for Martin Luther King?

King, we’re telling the story of “Happy Birthday.” That would be the version that’s often called “the black happy birthday song,” the version written and originally performed by Stevie Wonder. It’s a tribute to MLK, and it will always be associated with the 15-year effort to designate this national holiday.

Who sang Happy Birthday in the 70s?

“Happy Birthday” is a song by Scottish band Altered Images, released as a single from their 1981 album of the same name. The song entered the UK charts in September 1981 and peaked at number two the following month, holding that position for three weeks.

Who sang Happy Birthday in 1981?

Altered Images

What is the happy birthday song called?

The song’s melody originated from a school teachers’ greeting song titled “Good Morning to All”, composed by American sisters Mildred and Patty Hill in 1893, although this accreditation has been questioned. The first time the combination of the “Happy Birthday to You” lyrics and melody appeared was in 1912.

Who is the lead singer of Altered Images?

Clare Grogan
Occupation(s)Singer, actress
Years active1979–present

Does Michael Jackson still own the Beatles songs?

2016 | Following the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, his 50% stake passed to his estate until Sony agreed to buy the remaining half of the company in 2016, bringing all of Lennon and McCartney’s Beatles music under one roof.

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