Who shot Harry Styles album cover?

The new album cover was shot by photographer Hanna Moon and showcases the ‘Golden’ hit-maker in a delicate light as he sports a billowy linen shirt and flared trousers – all the while, the My Policeman star looks down in deep thought.

Who is the Black Hand in Fine Line?

To start, that’s Tim Walker’s hand – The set was designed by his go-to collaborator Shona Heath, comprising plush pink carpets and sky blue draping, and from the corner you can see a gloved hand creep into frame. Turns out it belongs to Tim himself, rather than some anonymous assistant who overstepped the boundary.

What does a black glove symbolize?

Black ones were worn at funerals, and those attending would be expected to wear them. Relatives of the deceased would often supply black gloves for the poorer members of the congregation for fear of the shame of un-gloved mourners.

Who photographed Fine Line?

For this post, however, we are going to explore the potential meaning behind photographer Tim Walker’s choice to use a fisheye lens. This style of camera lens compresses a very wide angle—up to 180 degrees—into the flat, circular image we see on the cover.

What are the singles on hs1?

  • Meet Me In the Halfway.
  • Sign of the Times.
  • Carolina.
  • Two Ghosts.
  • Sweet Creature.
  • Only Angel.
  • Kiwi.
  • Ever Since New York.

When was Fine Line released?

Fine Line is the second studio album by English singer and songwriter Harry Styles, released on 13 December 2019 by Columbia and Erskine Records.

What is Harry Styles wearing in his album cover?

The announcement of new music is a big talking point among fans, but the album’s cover has also been a hot topic. It features the singer standing in an upside down house wearing an embroidered blouse, ballet shoes and wide-legged jeans.

Did Harry Styles do ballet?

Harry Styles Ballet Training – SERIOUSLY

Where is Harry Styles Fine Line outfit from?

The pants (and the rest of the outfit) are custom Gucci, which makes sense, since Styles is a face of the brand and is rarely seen not in Gucci. Because it’s custom-made, this outfit will likely join the rest of Styles’s custom clothes in a 24-hour guarded cryogenically frozen vault.

What should I wear to a Harry Styles concert?

Pantsuits. Taking after Harry’s go-to look, many fans are rocking iconic pantsuit sets. Whether it’s a matching monochrome moment, or a sparkly pantsuit, it’s definitely a Harry Styles concert staple. I’ve seen so many amazing and gorgeous pantsuits pass me by on TikTok and I’m so inspired.

Who photographed Harry Styles album?

Going solo with his debut self-titled album, Harry Styles surrounds himself by quite the fashion team. Styles looked to photographer Harley Weir to capture his album artwork. No stranger to the fashion industry, Weir has worked with brands like Missoni.

Who is on the cover of Harry Styles album?

The album’s gently surreal cover, photographed by Hanna Moon, features Styles looking pensively down to the floor (or should we say, the ceiling) of an upside-down room decorated sparsely with mid-century furniture.

Why is Harry’s house upside down?

Well, the album cover for ‘Harry’s House’ is obviously Haz in what appears to be an upside-down living room – which some fans have taken as a clue that the tracks were meant to be listened to in reverse. One fan even tweeted a theory that the songs in a reverse order give a different overall vibe of the project.

When did Harry write Harry’s house?

Though Styles hasn’t confirmed any intentional relation, its title mirrors Mitchell’s “Harry’s House / Centerpiece” from her 1975 album The Hissing of Summer Lawns. In March, Mitchell’s account tweeted Styles’ album announcement and said “love the title.”

Does Harry Styles write his own music?

English singer-songwriter, musician, model and actor Harry Styles has written tracks on all three of his studio albums — Harry Styles (2017), Fine Line (2019) and Harry’s House (2022) — and for an assortment of other artists. He has majority of shares in most of his songwriting credits.


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