Who sings for UB40 now?

Who is singing with UB40 now?

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell have confirmed that they will continue with plans to tour this year. Ex-UB40 member Astro died in November 2021 of a short illness, and the lineup of the group featuring singer Ali Campbell will play their previously-announced shows in February in his memory.

Who is in UB40 now 2021?

UB40 has announced Kioko musician Matt Doyle will replace Duncan Campbell as their new lead singer. The band said it was searching for a singer after Campbell, 63, announced he was retiring from music after having a seizure at his home last month.

Why did Duncan leave UB40?

“Unfortunately, due to continued ill health, I have reluctantly decided to retire from the band so as to focus on my recovery,” he wrote. “I am very grateful, and would like to express my sincere thanks to the fans for all their support during this time and indeed throughout my time with UB40.

Has Duncan Campbell left UB40?

UB40 have announced that lead singer Duncan Campbell will be replaced by the frontman of their support act. Kioko’s Matt Doyle will step into Campbell’s shoes after he announced his retirement from music last week “due to continued ill health”.

What happened to the lead singer of UB40?

Astro, a reggae toaster and singer who helped anchor the British band UB40 for more than 30 years, dancing across the stage in frenetic live shows, singing lead on songs such as “Rat in Mi Kitchen” and performing a chantlike verse on the sunny crossover hit “Red Red Wine,” died Nov. 6 at 64.

Why did the Campbell brothers fall out?

UB40 frontman Duncan Campbell announces retirement from music after having a seizure. Duncan Campbell replaced his brother Ali in the band’s line up in 2008, who left after disagreements over management.

Who died from the band UB40?

As Astro with a popular racially diverse British group, he added rap vocals to hits like “Red Red Wine.”

What does U2 stand for?

U2U2 (Irish rock band)
U2You Too
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How many Campbell brothers were in UB40?

Along with older brother David, the four brothers are the sons of the late folk singer Ian Campbell, who died in 2012.

Who is in UB40 now 2022?

UB40 feat. Ali Campbell and Astro and very special guests Jimmy Cliff and Aswad will now be appearing at Nocturne Live on Friday 17th June 2022.

Is Ali Campbell still playing with UB40?

As part of UB40, Campbell sold over 70 million records worldwide and toured the globe for 30 years. In 2008, Campbell left UB40 due to a dispute with band management and embarked on a solo career.

How many UB40 bands are there?

Today, as a result, there are two bands with UB40 in their name. There is UB40, down to five of the original eight members, who have replaced Ali with another Campbell brother, Duncan.

Are UB40 still touring 2022?

About. Birmingham’s much-celebrated reggae pop band UB40 are on tour in May and June 2022 as part of the Bigga Baggardiddim Tour.

Are UB40 still performing?

Them. UB40 is a British reggae/pop band that has been in the industry for over thirty years. Although their membership has changed over the years, they are still touring and entertaining fans around the world.


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