Who started 1MILLION dance studio?

Founded in 2014 by Timon Youn and Lia Kim, 1MILLION has since become one of the most popular studios in Korea and recognized around the world. With the rebranding and reworking of their studio, Youn and Kim join the growing trend of dance studios rethinking their space.

In which country 1MILLION Dance Studio is?

1MILLION Dance Studio is a South Korean dance school in Seoul, South Korea. The instructors of 1MILLION have choreographed for K-Pop artists such as Jay Park, Girl’s Generation, 2NE1, GOT7, HyunA, etc.

Who does kpop choreography?

7 K-pop choreographers you need to know – Rie Hata, Bada Lee, Sienna Lalau, Spella, and more.

Who choreographed zoo?

taeyong saw the potential with zoo, decided to make a choreographed performance and now everyone’s hooked. he’s a visionary genius. no bcs taeyong is the one who made the zoo choreography and i just know that he’s so happy seeing other people dancing to it + the fact that it became a trend.

Who is Cheshir ha?

Cheshir Ha is a director and actress, known for Lili Film: The Movie (2021).

Who choreographed WayV action figure?

WayV’s original choreographer BADA teaches the original choreography of ‘Action Figure’ on ED. WayV’s original choreographer BADA teaches the original choreography of ‘Action Figure’ on ED.

Is Bada Lee a girl?

Revised RomanizationBada

Who choreographed Maverick?

curriculum. Performance by NINOSome of you may already know this but THE BOYZ have made their comeback with the song MAVERICK! NINO instructor is actually one of the ORIGINAL CHOREOGRAPHER and so he wanted to teach our ED trainees the choreo!

Who is the choreographer of how you like that?

Kiel Tutin (@kieltutin) • Instagram photos and videos.


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