Who taught John Travolta dancing in Saturday Night Fever?

Deney Terrio is one of the original pioneers of the Disco Dance era and the coach and choreographer who taught John Travolta how to dance for the motion picture Saturday Night Fever. Of course Deney would have never been given the opportunity had he not been an incredible dancer and showman himself.

How old was Travolta when he made Grease?

Vanity Fair reports that cinematographer Bill Butler also “used soft lenses to turn back the clock,” which addressed Olivia Newton-John’s concern that she, at age 29, looked far older than her on-screen love interest John Travolta, who was 23 back then.

Did John Travolta do his own dancing in Hairspray?

And none of his fans have ever seen Travolta dance and sing in drag in a feature film until Hairspray, a musical set in the 1960s and based on John Waters’ 1988 movie. Getting Into Character: Travolta confirmed that playing Edna Turnblad was indeed just as much fun as it appeared to have been.

Are John Travolta and Sylvester Stallone friends?

But his famous friends and family members, including Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta, have made it clear they are with him even as he steps out of the spotlight.

When did Travolta gain weight?

He first piled on major pounds after the tragic loss in 2009 of his 16-year-old son, Jett (2nd right, with John’s wife Kelly Preston, right, and daughter Ella, left).

Does John Travolta dance in every one of his movies?

Name your favourite dance scene or scenes( it is hard to choose just 1!) and explain why. My friend and I spent hours discussing the dance scenes from John’s films. It took forever to choose a favourite.

Why is Grease called Grease?

The title “Grease” refers to the Greasers on whom this movie focuses; specifically the T-Birds, Danny (John Travolta), Kenickie (Jeff Conaway), Sonny (Michael Tucci), Doody (Barry Pearl), and Putzie (Kelly Ward), who all grease their hair. Greasers were a popular subculture and community in the 1950s.

What style of dance is Grease?

Forty years ago, the movie musical Grease introduced audiences around the world to Grease lightning and an iconic hand jive. Would anyone guess now that all those unforgettable rock-n’-roll style dances were choreographed by a former Martha Graham Dance Company soloist? (Was John Travolta actually in a contraction?)

Where is Rydell High supposed to be Grease?

Rydell High is actually three different real Los Angeles high schools. The facade is Venice High School, the interior is Huntington Park High School, and the field is John Marshall High School. Sandy and Danny at the school dance.


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