Who was Jefferson Starship lead singer?

Who was the original lead singer of Jefferson Starship?

Jefferson Starship features founding singer/multi-instrumentalist David Freiberg (who was also in Jefferson Airplane during the band’s final year), longtime drummer Donny Baldwin (who joined Jefferson Starship in 1982 and also played and sang on many hits of the band’s Starship era), lead singer Cathy Richardson (whom

What disease does Grace Slick have?

Due to health reasons, Slick will not be able to attend. She suffers from erythromelalgia – a neurovascular disease that makes her extremities, mostly her feet, burn.

Why did Aynsley Dunbar leave Jefferson Starship?

Aynsley did not like the pop leanings of Steve Perry so he left the band to join Jefferson Starship. He remained their drummer through FREEDOM POINT ZERO, MODERN TIMES and WINDS OF CHANGE.

Who is the female singer in Jefferson Starship?

What happened to the lead singer of Jefferson Starship?

Marty Balin, a founder, lead singer and songwriter of the groundbreaking San Francisco psychedelic band Jefferson Airplane and a key member of that band’s 1970s successor, Jefferson Starship, died on Thursday in Tampa, Fla. He was 76. His death was announced on Friday by his wife, Susan Joy Balin.

Are any of the original members of Jefferson Airplane still alive?

Several members have since died – Papa John Creach on February 22, 1994, Skip Spence on April 16, 1999, Spencer Dryden on January 11, 2005, Joey Covington on June 4, 2013, Signe Toly Anderson and Paul Kantner on January 28, 2016, and Marty Balin on September 27, 2018.

Is anyone from Jefferson Airplane alive?

Grace Slick, seen here being inducted into L.A.’s Rockwalk in 2002, is now devoted to painting. We’re happy to inform you that the former Jefferson Airplane singer is alive, well, and a visual artist based in Malibu, California. (She retired from music 20 years ago.)

Who replaced Grace Slick Starship?

The irrepressible Grace Slick was in and out of the band until she quit for good in 1989, saying, “All rock ‘n’ rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire.” Mickey Thomas, who replaced her, has been touring with a band he calls the Starship featuring Mickey Thomas.

Who is the current lead singer of Jefferson Airplane?

Currently, the Jefferson Starship lineup features founding member David Freiberg, along with Donny Baldwin, Jude Gold, Cathy Richardson, and Chris Smith. Music has the power to transport us to other places, other times and sometimes even to other worlds. Let’s go together, right now.

Who is in the current lineup of Jefferson Starship?

NameYears activeInstruments
Donny Baldwin1982–1984 2008–presentdrums percussion backing vocals
Chris Smith1998–presentkeyboards synthesizers piano bass (since 2000)
Cathy Richardson2008–2015 2016–presentlead and backing vocals acoustic guitar harmonica
Jude Gold2012–presentlead and rhythm guitars


Jefferson Starship Performing With Lead Singer Cathy Richardson @ The 2021 DAV National Convention

Jefferson Starship 08/17/02 (Sat) Milwaukee Ala Carte At The Zoo – Milwaukee, WI

Jefferson Starship – I’m On Fire

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