Who was the best lead singer for AC DC?

Bon Scott was AC/DC’s original and greatest singer – and that’s with all due respect to his successor, Brian Johnson. A Scottish-born ex-pat with a voice that sounded like it had been soaked in whiskey, Bon’s roguish charisma and a lived-in worldview fitted perfectly alongside Angus Young’s livewire energy.

Who is the most popular ACDC member?

Brian Johnson was the longest-tenured singer in the band, both in terms of years and the number of shows performed. As AC/DC’s frontman from 1980 until his retirement in 2016, Johnson has racked up 1,274 performances, easily putting him in first place on the all-time list.

Who is the richest member of ACDC?

Angus Young Net Worth: $160 million – On the other hand, Angus Young had also appeared in another rock band with his brother Malcolm outside of his career with AC/DC. And today in 2022, the net worth of the Australian musician and songwriter Angus Young is $160 million as he also gets to be the richest member of AC/DC.

What was ACDC biggest hit?

  • Whole Lotta Rosie.
  • Hells Bells.
  • TNT. UK streams: 20.5 million.
  • Shoot To Thrill. UK streams: 23.7 million.
  • You Shook Me All Night Long. UK streams: 49.3 million.
  • Highway To Hell. UK streams: 71.8 million.
  • Thunderstruck. UK streams: 78.3 million.
  • Back In Black. UK streams: 78.5 million.

Who was the original AC DC lead singer?

On the 40th anniversary, AC/DC’s original lead singer, Dave Evans, reflects on this historic gig.

How much is the lead singer of ACDC worth?

Brian Johnson Net Worth: Brian Johnson is an English singer and lyricist best known as the lead singer of the Australian rock band AC/DC who has a net worth of $90 million.

What happened to the first lead singer of ACDC?

On February 19, 1980, Bon Scott died in London after a night of partying. The official cause was acute alcohol poisoning — but some believe there’s more to the story. On a fateful night in 1980, Bon Scott, the frontman for the Australian rock band AC/DC, climbed into the backseat of a parked car in London.

What did Bon Scott think of Brian Johnson?

Angus Young has revealed that AC/DC’s original frontman Bon Scott thought that his eventual replacement Brian Johnson was “incredible.” Speaking on 95.5 KLOS radio (via NME), Young discussed the time Scott supported Johnson’s pre-AC/DC band Geordie, prior to the former’s death in 1980.

Who is singing for ACDC now?

17. “Shot in the Dark” – ‘Power Up’ (2020) Forty years on from joining the band, Brian Johnson’s gravelly voice is still a joyful sound, as heard on “Shot in the Dark,” the lead single from AC/DC’s 17th studio album ‘Power Up.

How does Brian Johnson sing like that?

Brian Johnson literally thins out the lower register of his voice which enables him to sing high with glottal compression.

Does Brian Johnson still sing with ACDC?

At the time in 2016, AC/DC parted ways with Brian Johnson after his hearing issues. Later, the band has shared the stage with Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose and concluded the remaining shows with him. During the band’s “Rock or Burst” tour, Axl Rose made great works and stage performances.

Did Brian Johnson ever meet Bon Scott?

Brian previously spoke about crossing paths with Bon in a 2011 interview with New York Post. He said: “I met Bon in 1973 or 1974. His band was supporting my band, GEORDIE. I had a terrible case of appendicitis and I went down on my side, kicking and going, ‘Ooh!’

Who have been the lead singers for AC DC?

  • Brian Johnson – lead vocals.
  • Angus Young – lead guitar.
  • Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals.
  • Cliff Williams – bass, backing vocals.
  • Phil Rudd – drums, percussion.

Did ACDC really play on Broadway?

It’s good in its own right, but it’s not On Broadway. Skip to the 3:56 mark for “On Broadway “. Angus is known for being a jazz fan, and he considers Louis Armstrong to be one of the greatest musicians ever, but to my knowledge there are no legit videos of him playing jazz as the initial video suggests.

Who was the last lead singer of AC DC?


How many members of ACDC are alive?

AC/DC has lost members to death and dementia, but Angus Young — the only original — and the band are still going strong | National Post.


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