Who Was the Gardener on Blue Peter?

Chris Collins – Garden designer who was the Blue Peter gardener. Has appeared on many TV gardening programmes as well as his own ‘show The Plantsman’

What happened to Debbie Thrower?

On 13 January 2009, Thrower confirmed in an interview with The News in Portsmouth that she was leaving ITV Meridian to concentrate on freelance work and her voluntary ministry as a Church of England reader or Licensed Lay Minister (LLM). Thrower is a Canon Emeritus of Winchester Cathedral.

Who was the longest serving Blue Peter presenter?

  • Christopher Trace (1958-67): 8 years, 281 days.
  • Simon Groom (1978-86): 8 years, 39 days.
  • Matt Baker (1999-2006): 7 years, 1 day.
  • Lesley Judd (1972-79): 6 years, 332 days.
  • Barney Harwood (2011-17): 6 years, 240 days.
  • Simon Thomas (1999-2005): 6 years, 107 days.

When was the Blue Peter time capsule buried?

Valerie Singleton, John Noakes and Peter Purves were reunited #onthisday in 2000 to open the Blue Peter millennium time capsule that they had buried in 1971.

Is Lindsay leaving Blue Peter?

She left Blue Peter on 15 July 2021, breaking a world record for the fastest time to dress in cricket whites on her last show. It was announced on 16 December 2021 that Russell would join Heart Radio in January 2022 to present Saturdays and Sundays from 1am – 6am.

How old is Valerie Singleton?

85 years (April 9, 1937)

How old is Lindsay Russell?

Lindsey Russell is 22 years old and from Oxford.

Who left Blue Peter?

Reason GMB host was sacked from children’s TV amid 90s drugs scandal.

Who left CBeebies?

A former CBeebies presenter has spoken out about being fired from the BBC after taking part in a naked photoshoot for Peta. Sarah-Jane Honeywell worked on the children’s channel, which produces content for under-sixes, for almost 10 years in the Noughties, presenting popular shows such as Tikkabilla and the Tweenies.

How do you get a Blue Peter badge?

It’s awarded to those who show off their passion for music by learning a new instrument or being part of a musical performance. You can apply online, or print off the Music badge form, fill it in and send it to us by post!

Can adults get Blue Peter badges?

A Blue Peter badge is an award for Blue Peter viewers, given by the BBC children’s television programme for those appearing on the show, or in recognition of achievement. They are awarded to children aged 6 to 15, or to adults who have been guests on the programme.

Who started Blue Peter?

Blue Peter, the longest running children’s programme in the world – and quite possibly the best loved – began on 16 October 1958. It was created by John Hunter Blair and first presented by Leila Williams and Christopher Trace. The programme was 15 minutes long and scheduled to run for only 6 weeks.

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