Who was the lead female dancer in Riverdance?

Jean Butler
Former groupsDonny Golden School of Irish Dance, Riverdance
DancesIrish dancing

Who did Jean Butler marry?

Cuan Hanley

Who replaced Colin Dunne in Riverdance?

In June 1998, Dunne left Riverdance to begin work on a new project with Jean Butler. In 2013, Dunne said, “I did over 900 performances.

Who are the main dancers in Riverdance?

  • Amy-Mae Dolan. Lead Dancer.
  • Anna Mai Fitzpatrick. Lead Dancer.
  • Meadhbh Kennedy. Lead Dancer.
  • William Bryant. Lead Dancer.
  • Fergus Fitzpatrick. Lead Dancer.
  • James Greenan. Lead Dancer.
  • Brandon Asazawa. Irish Dance Troupe.
  • Belle Brenton. Irish Dance Troupe.

What year was the 25th Anniversary of Riverdance?

The international Irish dance phenomenon known as Riverdance celebrates its 25th Anniversary Show at Radio City Music Hall in March 2020, marking the company’s first return to the iconic venue in ten years.

How many people are in Riverdance?

A few days before theaters were shut down due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, 6,000 people filled Radio City Music Hall for Riverdance, the Irish dance spectacle.

Who is the drummer in Riverdance 25th Anniversary?

Mark Alfred, from Carrickmacross Co. Monaghan, began playing drums at the age of four. He studied at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Performing Arts College in Dublin. He is most recognized as being the Musical Director, Drummer and percussionist in the Grammy award winning show Riverdance.


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