Who Was Unmasked on The Masked Singer NZ Tonight?

Tonight our bottom three, as voted by the studio audience, were Monarch, Moa, and Orange Roughy. And, sadly, tonight it was Moa’s time to be unmasked, and when the mask came off, unlike last night, I was genuinely shocked. Shocked how they got All Black legend Stephen Donald to say yes to being on the show.

Who won the Masked Singer 2021 NZ?

It was the moment Clint Randell had waited six weeks for, and he declared Tuatara the winner. The audience was astounded, the judges thrilled and Tuatara fell to his knees, even though no one knew if he’d actually won a prize.

Who is the jellyfish on The Masked Singer NZ?

Bachelor winner Matilda Green stunned the guessing panel on The Masked Singer NZ when she was revealed as Jellyfish while seven months pregnant. The reality TV star and Instagram influencer sang ‘You Don’t Own Me’ by Saygrace ft G-Eazy, wowing the judges with her impressive singing voice.

Who is possum on Masked Singer NZ?


Grace is the ultimate entertainer, working as both a presenter and actress, and now has firmly cemented herself as a triple threat with her secret talent as a singer as the popular Possum on The Masked Singer NZ.

What time is Masked Singer NZ on tonight?

The Global sensation is here, the grand final is this Sunday 7pm on @threenewzealand 🎭🎤 Streaming on ThreeNow.

Is masked singer live singing?

Since it’s not really necessary for people wearing giant masks to lip sync, we assume fans have been wondering whether the celebrities on The Masked Singer perform to pre-recorded songs, or if they sing live. The answer is that they sing live.

What happens if the judges guess the masked singer?

If a judge knows who’s hiding underneath a costume, they can hit the buzzer and declare the name at any point in the competition. A correct guess would give them two points toward the Golden Ear (and send the celeb home), while an incorrect guess would earn them a punishment.

How many contestants on The Masked Singer NZ?

About. The Masked Singer NZ is a reality singing competition where 12 celebrities compete against each other in song. The contestants are masked head-to-toe in extravagant costumes, which completely conceal their identities.

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